Yale University: faculties and specialties, tuition fees, interesting facts

Every second applicant in the world dreams of enrolling at Yale University, but only the most promising and persevering people go there. This elite university was founded even before the emergence of the United States of America. Yale is in the Ivy League, successfully competing with educational centers such as Harvard and Princeton.

University structure

The educational institution is divided into three main academic units, which include

  • Yale’s colleges, organized also in Oxford and Cambridge. Students here study and live. The first two courses students must live in a hostel that is located on the territory of the university, in the future they can move to apartments outside of Yel. Education in colleges is aimed at obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The system of colleges was developed and implemented in the 1930s in order to supervise and educate students in the traditions of Yale. In total, fourteen college hostels were created, each of which had up to 450 students. The structure of one such college includes residential buildings, a dining room, a library, study rooms, a meeting hall, and a sports center. This is a whole block, which is united by territory and common traditions. At the head of the college should be a master, above him – the dean and representatives from the faculty. Yale University colleges include Berkeley, Branford, Calhoun, Davenport, Timothy Dwight, Jonathan Edwards, Morse, Pearson, Saybrook, Siliman, Ezra Stiles, Trumbull, Benjamin Franklin, Pauline Murray;
  • Higher School of Arts and Sciences, where you can study in the magistracy and graduate school in the following specialties drama, art, painting, music;
  • Professional schools open for undergraduates and graduate students. Within the university there are 13 schools that train specialists in engineering, management, law, computer science, medicine, business and administration.

Among the students, humanitarian and social sciences, art, applied sciences, medicine, ecology and nature management, engineering, and IT technologies are popular.

Yale’s students have the opportunity to travel by exchange programs to other countries. In particular, one or two semesters can study in São Paulo, Fudani, Cambridge, Paris, Berlin, Ghana, India or Tel Aviv, as well as in some universities in Japan, Turkey, Russia and Mexico. In addition to studying, exchange students can go on an internship or conduct a research program in one of the companies that is a partner of Yale University.

The Center for Career Strategy can help students decide on internships or enhance practical skills. It is his employees who help to choose a permanent job and choose the most suitable place for an internship.

Infrastructure of the educational institution

In addition to the hostels-colleges, Yale includes several libraries, research laboratories, auditoriums, reading rooms, recreation rooms, museums and an art gallery, which exhibits more than 180,000 works.

On the territory of the University there is a large number of sports grounds, halls, courts, gyms, football and baseball fields, hockey grounds, lacrosse games, stadiums for athletics, swimming pools. All this is due to the fact that the university leadership pays much attention to sports and physical training of students.

A peculiar attraction of Yale is a police station and blue telephones, located throughout the campus. They are designed to make emergency calls to the police.

The total territory of the university campus is almost 69 hectares, from the medical faculty (the center of New Haven) to the theological faculty (residential areas of the city). The campus has 439 buildings, most of them in the Gothic style. Therefore, on the walls of buildings you can see sculptures of famous people – writers, students, athletes, policemen. In addition to Gothic, many buildings are made in Victorian, Moorish, ultramodern styles. Each building is unique in its own way, many of them are decorated with turrets, columns, gates, arches or lawns. The University owns 243 hectares of land allocated for sports grounds, stadiums, forests and parks. The ancient buildings are preserved, thanks to the constant restoration and renovation. First-year students live only in two colleges – Silliman and Timothy Dwight, the rest – are intended for sophomores and undergraduates, undergraduates and graduate students.

Tuition fees at Yale University

Tuition at Yale costs 40,000 dollars a year, which is worth adding to the hostel, food, buying books, textbooks, office supplies, paying for insurance, transport costs, attending a gym, etc.

But not all students in the university pay out of their own pocket, more than 50% receive a scholarship.

In general, one year of stay in Yale will cost 65-66 thousand dollars. Of these, the payment for the academic course will be 45-46 thousand, for food, textbooks and office can be spent from 3.5 to 5.5 thousand dollars, the hostel will cost in the amount of 4 to 8 thousand per year, medical insurance – in 2.1 thousand, transport costs – about 5 thousand.

Talented students have a chance to receive a full scholarship to cover the chosen program. This is the peculiarity of Yale – covering all expenses of the student – from the US or from another country. Only those who are fluent in English, volunteer, conduct active public activities, receive exams, can write, speak and express their thoughts clearly.

The amount of scholarship support can be from 12 to 35 thousand dollars a year. This allows you to cover the costs of education, buy textbooks and necessary books. Apply for financial assistance entrants can simultaneously with the submission of a package of documents for admission to Yale. This issue should be taken care of in advance, because all those entering the university are trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Only the most talented and promising, who have proved their scientific, research and intellectual potential, win.

To receive a full scholarship, the student must submit documents confirming that his parents’ annual income does not exceed 65 thousand dollars. Then the student can receive payment for the hostel, school and meals. The amount of such financial support will be determined individually. The distribution of grants and the scholarship fund is carried out by the special financial service.

A special item for students is accommodation in the hostel. Students can live on or off campus. The cost of housing will depend on the level of comfort, such as the room and the number of neighbors. Each room has furniture – beds, chairs, cabinets, desks, a dining table, bookshelves, table lamps. The higher the academic performance of the student, the more chances to get individual apartments.

Admission process

Foreign applicants who wish to enroll in Yale must collect the following documents:

  • Certificate of completed secondary education, which must be translated into English and certified by a notary. This may be a bachelor’s or master’s degree;
  • Pass tests on AST and SAT, allowing you to check the knowledge of applicants for language, writing and math;
  • Pass the international English proficiency exam and present the results in the form of a certificate. These should be IELTS and TOEFL tests. For undergraduate or graduate studies, the score must be at least 7. The exam should be taken one month before the filing of documents to Yale;
  • Pass exams on GRE and GMAT, the required score depends on the chosen program and specialty;
  • Essays;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Academic recommendations from teachers.

Documents must be sent to the university before the end of November, when the application forms are finished.

You can apply for no more than three times, you need to pay 80 dollars for processing documents. Attach additional documents you can, as indicated in the instructions for admission, but the selection committee may not accept them.

Entering the university, the student has the right not to dwell on a particular specialty, but to choose some of the most interesting courses. At the beginning of each semester, students are given the chance to change courses and disciplines. Those interested can choose: art, natural, social, human or technical sciences, writing, various foreign languages, critical thinking.

Interesting Facts

Yale’s graduates are building a successful career in the medical, humanitarian, engineering and law sciences, working in the state apparatus, journalism, becoming famous actors and musicians, scientists and researchers.

Before entering the university, the entrant can attend lectures of selected teachers, see the achievements of graduates, get acquainted with the list of academic courses and specializations. The emphasis in teaching is on combining the lecture block with practical and laboratory studies, the opportunity to engage in science, speak at conferences, write texts, participate in various projects.

Separately, it is necessary to mention the famous graduates of Yale. They were many famous politicians, businessmen, top managers, musicians, scientists, etc. For example, W. Taft, a former 27 US president, studied law, and was the second student of his graduation. He also used the received knowledge in the work of the chairman of the US Supreme Court and the military minister. In addition, among the famous people who graduated from Yale, there were J. Ford (thirty-eighth American president), J. Bush Sr., who graduated from the university externally, B. Clinton, J. Kerry, who was the US Secretary of State. I once studied at Yale University Tansu Chiller (Prime Minister of Turkey), who was the only woman in this position in this Muslim country, and also E. Sedilloe – President of Mexico in 1994-2000.

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