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Do you have an exam in front of you? One of the tasks that you are expected to do is writing an essay in an international language? Then, most likely, you want to learn how to write it to a high score. In this article, you will learn how to properly structure an article of this type, as well as what types of essays are. Listen to our advice, they will definitely help you in the future.

What is an essay? In simple terms, an essay is a short structured essay in which you express your opinion on a particular topic.

What is the structure of the essay?

Surely you first of all thought about the number of words allowed in such an English text. The fact is that for each exam a certain amount of such work is established. Thus, the text can be from one hundred eighty to three hundred words. If you plan to pass the exam soon, you need to clarify the value of the future work in advance. Only then can you start training to write texts of the appropriate length.

In fact, the structure of the essay can be called universal. At first the examiner must come up with the name of the article that corresponds to the presented topic. Next, you need to write an entry – just a few sentences that reveal what will be discussed. The next step is to write three (or two) paragraphs of the main part, they describe the essence of the narrative. Here you will have to disclose the topic, state your thoughts, and not forget to argue them. Then comes the final part, consisting of two or four sentences. In this part you need to write conclusions.

Also, do not forget that each paragraph of the middle part must begin with an introductory sentence. Such a sentence is called Topic Sentence, and the subsequent sentences should reveal its essence.

It is very important to learn how to write essays, following a clear plan.

What kinds of essays are, and what are their features

I would like to clarify that the form of the essay directly depends on the theme of the essay, sometimes the task says what type of essay you need to write. There are three types of essays.

The first is a text in which the pros and cons of a given fact are narrated

According to the plan of this work, you must write an entry, then the main part, which talks about the pros and cons of a particular fact or action, and then conclusions. In this work it is important not to insist on your point of view, but to stick to a neutral opinion.

The second type of essay – express an opinion

In the introduction it is necessary to indicate the topic of reasoning, then, in the next part, to express a personal opinion, giving weighty arguments. But apart from this, it is necessary to say also about the opinion, which differs from yours. Next, it is told why an opinion different from yours is wrong. In the final part, it is necessary to take stock, formulating a specific point of view on the topic.

The essay, which addresses ways to solve the problem

In such a written work, you must consider a global problem in order to indicate the ways to solve it.

Here, in charge, not only the problem is indicated, but also its causes and consequences. Further, according to the plan, you need to consider ways of solving this problem, clearly arguing what the consequences will be in the performance of certain actions. In conclusion, it is necessary to sum up the above.

We adhere to the rules: we write an excellent essay

Have you decided to come up with an essay in an international language? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules, applying which, you write a really good job.

The text should be structured

Here, first of all, it is necessary to determine the type of essay and the plan according to which further writing of the text will take place. It is important to go strictly on the items – this will contribute to the fact that the written work will be highly appreciated.

We use draft

It is important to make rational use of the draft, because in fact, the drafting of the essay takes not so much time. Immediately after you become acquainted with the task, it is necessary to draw up small theses in which to throw thoughts and arguments. So, you will not miss a single important fact.

You need to prepare for different topics

Thus, you will not only raise your level of knowledge, but will also be more erudite. Before you start preparing for the test, read the texts on a variety of topics. This will help that your horizon will become more extensive, you will learn unfamiliar words and enduring phrases. In the future, all this can be used in practice when writing essays.

It is important to leave time to check the text before handing over

Here it is important to use the time allotted rationally, leaving at least 5 minutes to test. Having discovered the errors and carefully correcting them, you can get a higher score.

Clearly define the style in which the composition will be written

It can be either formal or semi-formal. It is better not to use slang expressions, abbreviations, and so on. Using the word can`t instead of the can not negatively affect the evaluation.


Laconism above all

The essay is a small essay. Therefore, the rule “the more, the better” does not work. Even if you write a long opus, the final score will be lowered by the examiner.

Do not assume unfounded language

Your thoughts must be accompanied by arguments. You can give examples, specify statistics and so on. The writing should indicate that you are confident in yourself, and know what you are telling the reader about.

To help you connect the opening words

Such words when writing essays are the most important link through which the proposals are linked with each other. Thus, the examiner will see a logical exposition of his thoughts. With the help of the words-ligaments, you can specify the sequence, express contrast, and much more.

Lexical stock and grammatical constructions must be diverse

It is not necessary to repeat words, it is important to use synonyms, not primitive grammar constructions, that is, to show the examiner that your level of knowledge is high. Use different times, adjectives, that is, do everything possible so that the text is not written in the Present Simple.

Each thought is presented specifically

When writing a composition of this type, you talk about your thoughts on a specific topic. When composing a text, one should not forget about delicacy. Do not touch political or religious topics, or the like. The assignment states that you should consider a “painful” topic? Then, when writing a composition, be polite and maximally tolerant. Do not show emotion violently, the tone should be unbiased.

The essay is written softly

Do not use when writing a construction type: “I’m sure”, “I know for sure” and the like. It is much better to write: “It seems to me” and others. Correctness never hurts.

Now you know the rules that will help you write a great essay in the UK language. If you actively apply them in practice, you will get a high score on the exam. But do not forget about the preparation.

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