Where to study after 30?

What to do if already in full boil “adult life”, and to learn still want, and even abroad?

There is a stereotype that after graduation the man begins “adult life” — family, work, children, normal serious training. Someone can sometimes go on a refresher course, someone receives the second highest, but in the view of many of the main and the main period of apprenticeship ends, at 22. And if a man under thirty or over thirty, and he wants to change not only the profession but also the country?

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Is it possible to go to study abroad, say, 28 or even 35 years? The answer is Yes. With some reservations, but positive.

Formally, no country will deny you in the long student visa on the basis that you suddenly decided to study in +/-30 years. This wording (age discrimination) — a gross violation of human rights. For visa refusal dodgy visa officers will find other formulations, but it is actually the age will be a hindrance on the path to a new life.

In this situation it is necessary to enter higher education of those countries where “age” students get a hassle-free visa. These countries (from the “decent” and “civilized”) now, perhaps, two: New Zealand and Australia.

With other positive options visa cases due to age you will not refuse! So far, at least, is not denied. And sin not to use such a “window of opportunity” for those who want to start a new life or change their old one. Now be more specific with figures and examples.


Here is a study option in the Australian masters at the lowest prices.

Place of study: International College Of Management, Sydney

Training period: 2 years

Occupation: Business, Hospitality, Management & Organizations

It is important to go to grad school in these fields you can with any first education (not even relevant), received at home.

Why learn?

Frankly, this is an option for those who are planning to start a new life in Australia after two years of study, any foreigner is entitled to stay here to work and (if desired) to apply for permanent residence.

Investment in education will be (will write for clarity in American dollars, not Australian):

1st year — 19 400 USD

2nd year — 9 700 USD.

Tuition is paid by semester. Detailed description of the ICMS can be found on the website.

New Zealand

Here with any specialization of the first higher you can go to study in the master’s degree: hotel and restaurant management.

For these programs to obtain visas for people under the age of 35 years.

Duration of studies: 1.5 years (including 6 months paid internships)

Institution: Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS)

Is the leading school of hotel management in New Zealand, and it works on the classic “Swiss model” of learning — a mandatory alternating semesters of study with an internship.

Important: after learning the laws of New Zealand allows you to stay to work and live in the country. This option is again worth considering for those seeking happiness and a new life “overseas”. But in General, this specialty allows you to work around the world, and experience shows that the majority of PIHMS job in hotels in South-East Asia and Australia, not just New Zealand.

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How much will cost this “investment in the future”? The figure for 2017: 36 500 NZD (about 25 600 USD) for the entire program including tuition, accommodation and meals (you can pay by semester).

In 2017 for students entering this program through Students International, there is an automatic scholarship in the amount of 6 040 NZD (4 235 USD). There is a program — MBA, and a brother of Executive MBA. In these courses, people learn and 30, and 40, and even 50 years. But MVA to “our history” is irrelevant. It is foolish to spend a lot of money on an MBA (and cheap MBA does not happen), and then look for work. In General, our article was for those who are willing to invest the (relatively small) amount of money for its study abroad and then have the legal right to seek work and a real chance to find her where the education was received.

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