Where to learn a designer profession?

A list of universities with the key information for those who want to learn design craft. This material we have written is not for those who choose the profession, and for those who have already decided. The information we are sure will be useful in choosing an educational institution and country of study.

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“A discount?”, or partial scholarships abroad

Vocational education is a relatively short programs lasting 1-2 years, designed for those who have just graduated from high school. After receiving vocational training to the graduates opens two perspectives — to go to work in their professions or go with the classification of subjects studied at undergraduate bachelor program.


Interior design, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, industrial design, accessories design, fine arts, furniture design, web design, advertising and graphic design, multimedia.

Cost of training:

  • 7 to 8 thousand USD per year: Orange Coast College, Santa Rosa College, De Anza College (USA);
  • From 13 to 14 thousand USD per year: ACG Yoobee School of Design and the Design&Arts College of New Zealand (New Zealand);
  • From 24 to 25 thousand USD per year: Institute Marangoni (France, Italy, UK).

Important: for admission to these programs no mandatory entry requirements to submit a portfolio. Training is provided at the lowest professional level. Therefore, the skills of, say, a picture of the applicant institution at the initial stage it is absolutely not interesting.

Higher, or undergraduate studies end with the degree “bachelor”. In some countries training at the bachelor degree lasts 3 years, in others 4. By the way, when you go to these programs after vocational College, duration of study, as a rule, twice less.

Education is master’s degree (1-2 years of study) and diploma program (1 year) for people who already have completed higher education. As a rule, an obligatory entrance requirement is a first professional education, but there are exceptions.


Interior design, graphic design, accessories design, urban design, landscape architecture, industrial design, furniture design, footwear design, design multimedia, design of theatrical costume, textile design, landscape design, rendering/animation, jewelry design, kitchen design and bathroom, painting, architectural and interior design, fashion design.

Cost of training:

  • From 11 to 15 thousand USD per year: Conestoga College, Humber College, Sheridan College, Algonquin College (Canada);
  • From 20 thousand USD per year: Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand);
  • From 22 to 24 thousand USD in the year: RMIT University, SAE Institute (Australia);
  • Florida Atlantic University (USA);
  • From 24 to 25 thousand USD per year: Istituto Marangoni (France, Italy)

Descriptions of all educational institutions of this material can be found on the website of an Educational Group Students International, which recruits students to study on their behalf and on behalf.

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