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In this category, you can read about the strengths and weaknesses of the most famous higher education institutions.

What the World Reputation Rankings can tell us about a university’s prestige?

At the conclusion of might, Times Higher Education published its World Reputation Rankings for 2018. The list intends to rank universities with “prestige,” an extremely postsecondary quality compared with all the instruction quality, research grade, and revenue production metrics which are employed for longer traditional university positions. However, do students and investigators want another set […]

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Exploring Pierce College

Analysis We encourage Pierce School to be studied in by you. Ranked on the prime 10 p.c of public schools which can be American, Pierce is a faculty that’s absolutely licensed, collectively utilizing campuses and simply two secure positioned in Puyallup and Lakewood. Worldwide college students come from around the world for Affiliate (college switch) […]

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Oxford: an Inside Look

Square caps, spires, gardens, multi-kilometer shelves of books and manuscripts in the library paved with cobblestone pavement, the colleges erected 700 years ago… But what does this semi-closed world of dreaming spikes have to do with real life Do not they come out of these ancient walls as storytellers, dreamers No, they do not. And […]

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The problems of universities Part 3

If I need a new training course, I can order it from the manufacture. What I need is Tutors-navigators, helping my customers-students to build and place individual educational trajectory in the interests of my customers-employers. The only thing I miss — recognized by the market the confirmation of the competence of my students, which would […]

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The problems of universities Part 2

Many applicants are happy to get a list of options with recommendations on behavior. Especially the first time. But if to study based on distance learning courses and seek work, offer dynamic options, given the growing competence is a valuable service. Yes, it begs to be automated, but I now the implementation does not care […]

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The problems of universities Part 1

Expert education argues that the education system is not only a source of manpower, but also a powerful competitor in the field of recruiting. If you try to isolate the main complaint against the system of higher education, you get a pretty contradictory balance: graduates are not satisfied with practical competence or traditional businesses or rapidly […]

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Where to study after 30?

What to do if already in full boil “adult life”, and to learn still want, and even abroad? There is a stereotype that after graduation the man begins “adult life” — family, work, children, normal serious training. Someone can sometimes go on a refresher course, someone receives the second highest, but in the view of […]

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Talking about knowledge maps

On the one hand, the professional standards, which until now no one really knows; on the other… And that may be the other? I sympathize with the ideology of professional standards. The idea of this method to coordinate the necessary competence between the employee and the employer is outdated by the time of implementation. Of […]

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