The problems of universities Part 2

Many applicants are happy to get a list of options with recommendations on behavior. Especially the first time. But if to study based on distance learning courses and seek work, offer dynamic options, given the growing competence is a valuable service. Yes, it begs to be automated, but I now the implementation does not care — I care about the modern formulation of the problem.

What concerns me the problems associated with the modern University? All! But very vaguely, hardly guess if this is what to look at. Maybe the University is doing this? But then this is not the usual University is a different positioning.

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Now I am an employer

Could the University to relieve my anguish at finding resources? The student is a graduate or retiree after the Soviet University, I often don’t matter. I would be such an applicant, the competence of which covers my area, and without strong busting to quickly fled to a more interesting job and didn’t miss on my objectives. Today, I realize that the University I will most likely put student or graduate. Unless the employee warning in advance, escaped from the University, or combining with it.

Problem 1. How to understand, what can the applicant?

Today I can ask the applicant the document on education. It is informative? The question is rhetorical. If he has a certificate of some famous enterprise qualification system, a little better I can imagine it possible. If a lot of them, it can cause stress that he is more a collector than the specialist. But this is my recruiting expertise in the interpretation of different securities. If I had access to the map his proven knowledge/competencies, it would be considerably more informative. Addendum to the diploma, even if this knowledge is not yet rotten, is not very reliable. There are still portfolio, but it is good to check.

Problem 2. How to ensure professional competence?

One option — when I need a specific selection of standard competencies. For example, an engineer with knowledge of bees. The probability of such a combination is quite low. Today I will probably have to take two experts or three — the third will be the telecom with the bee in the engineering.

Harder if I need a standard of competence to supplement nonstandard: need to find one owner standard who is willing to learn on top of the standard. And then shake over it, not to run away in the best conditions. If I could order a set of competences at the university, it would be much easier task.

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Problem 3. Corporate training

As holders of the necessary competencies none or very difficult to find, I establish its internal educational substructure. Yes, it’s non-core costs, but I become independent of the education market. But I would gladly give him up if the education could answer my needs: cost, when specialization significantly lower costs for the employer when paying an expert and the risks from market fluctuations of demand are greatly reduced.

On the market the small car and truck variety of courses. I have no way to live in the past, gaining students through the crucible entrance tests without confidence that each of them need each where to go after graduation, especially in the learning process. But I understand their problem, understand their compatibility with the problems of the employer and are willing mutually to bestow. Not all, but only those who are in my area of competence and communication.

I’m ready to put the employer need experts. I’m ready to form the most adaptive students for each educational path with a guarantee of employment as soon as their competence will be sufficient for my partner’s employers.

Since education is lifelong, I did not focus on high school graduates and I don’t want the same for all years of the program: I’m willing to spend on the stormy sea of life-work-train anyone in their area of specialization. While I don’t necessarily need classical professors and associate professors. I can do to live in the network, although the possibility of face-to-face contact will enhance my competitiveness in the market. But the costs of owning a building can make me hold back.

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