The impact of social media on children

If teenagers used out for each other in the yard at home or school, with the advent of social networks for children strife from the street migrated to the world wide web. Number of likes to the post to judge the guilt or, on the contrary, the innocence of the author of the crime. Common once of ads on poles and fences “wanted posters” are also moved in the Internet. Sometimes even before the trial, social media users pass their verdict review – guilty!

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Vigilant, for your children can observe the strangers

Statistics relentless. From different parts of the country come reports of various crimes against children in social networks. Only one region for the first quarter of 2015 committed five crimes of a sexual nature. For a minor in network, arrange a real hunt, in the majority, people with mental disabilities. A child who is without parental care, on your computer, cyber criminals were easy targets.

Where did social network?

Originally the social network of North America. In 1995 came the first portal, followed by LinkedIn, MySpace and the most popular network – Facebook. The idea of creation belongs to Facebook Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and his friends across the room.

The social network has been repeatedly criticized for the appearance of their users symptoms of depression and other pathologic mental States. The case when a resident of Belgrade Snezana Pavlovic was in a psychiatric hospital after her post in social networks do not generate interest among friends. Doctors called this case “syndrome Snjezana” explained banal dissatisfaction with life.

More than 90% of people born in the new century, have accounts in various social networks

According to studies, in adolescents, sitting around all day in social networks, there are signs of narcissism, that is, narcissism. In some cases, may develop anorexia. First and foremost, this applies to girls who can spend hours looking at pictures of famous people with perfect figures. The desire to be like his idol often leads to serious mental disorders and stomach.

The team also noted the negative reaction from children of photos showing alcohol consumption or smoking.

How to protect your baby from the harmful effects of social networks

According to statistics, about 86% of parents whose children have accounts in social networks, monitor their children online. Knowing the username and password, you can trace the correspondence of your child and time to intervene in the looming conflict.

However, occasional teen happy the relentless control of their loved ones. In order to escape from the eyes of the household, children are registered in the network under fictitious names. 18% of respondents said that their children are not registered in any social network.

Virtual communication is part of communication of any modern child and is fraught with both positive and negative. Talk about negative, since this article is. The child is inexperienced and unprotected, no doubt about it.

To reduce and ideally eliminate the negativity of this type of communication is:

  • To understand that it has already entered the life of the child and the prohibition of ineffective and control is necessary;
  • Engage in dialogue with the child in a confidential tone, understanding his needs, both in this fellowship and needs, and interests in General;
  • To make efforts to increase the proportion of live communication with family, friends, peers;
  • To organize the child’s life so that he was quite busy with interesting activities in addition to the house.

The influence of progress is not to belittle, but to change for the better.

Be attentive to a child’s life and participate in it very actively!

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