Study abroad: pros and cons

When it comes time to send their child to school, parents have a headache on which school to choose. And for some dad and mom becomes acutely the question of the child’s education abroad. In this case, you must carefully weigh all the pros and cons of what your child will receive while at a far distance from you.

Of course, prestigious and qualitative education, but the prospects are still better in studying abroad. This year, none of the universities entered the list of 200 best universities in the world, but more on that later.

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We all know how valued specialists who are studying at universities in the US or England. But before to go there, a need to decide, whether to do it? Because the vast majority of cases, the parents for long periods of time away from their child. Plus do not forget about distance. But on the other scale is the prestige, quality education and the road to life. It is necessary to dwell on the pros and cons of education abroad.

The first thing parents worry that the child is left to himself and for him not to be such control that they can give. It’s one of the misconceptions. Being in a private school boarding house, the child learns to make important decisions in your life, becoming more independent. And very often, parents home from work even once to ask your child: “How are you?”.

Sometimes there are situations when children cannot adapt to the new place after the parental care. After all, it is necessary to dress, to eat, to do. Here it is to look at the child, whether he is ready for such changes. Because he will have to get used to unfamiliar surroundings and people, and spend all of his time away from mom and dad, and this might not do without the stress. So before embarking on this training, you should show your child to the psychologist who will be able to determine whether the child is ready for a new life.

Can be said also about the fact that children in private schools abroad will have a better education than they will receive in the national schools and institutions of higher education. For example, a master’s degree in England is a great opportunity to get into some of the best schools in the world. Particularly appreciated by universities.

In continuation of the advantages of private learning, we can say that living in a Dorm teaches children to clean up after themselves in the room, to be responsible for their friends, and guardianship caregivers teaches discipline and helps to survive hard times in adolescents. As well as monitoring and assistance to teachers does not allow the child to be left to himself. Most children after finishing these establishments are very grateful to their teachers, and stride boldly into adulthood, as the years of residence in this environment are taught to be disciplined and responsible.

But, of course, as in all situations, and there are disadvantages. But are they significant and can hinder the learning abroad you can decide for yourself. For example, many children complain about the food. It is naturally balanced, but not like the usual homemade food. The child initially needs to be ready to move and what will have to completely change my life: home, school, friends, entertainment. Even a child should understand that he will learn in school affects their future and the opportunity to go to a prestigious university. For a child can be a difficult rebuilding of the school, as well as a large number of written assignments and exams.

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Education abroad is a huge waste of money. This includes everything: tuition, accommodation, and food, and partying (a student?) Even if the training on a budgetary basis, still other points will come, “a pretty penny”.

Before sending of the child abroad, it is necessary that at least he at a minimum knew the language of the country in which you plan to study. But even in this case, children may be difficult to adapt to another culture. If the student does not know a foreign language at least at a basic level, in the first months it will be extremely difficult to adapt. Moreover, many Universities simply cannot accept such students. And don’t forget that people will not be able to properly communicate with their peers, can’t have friends – all this greatly affects the psychology

And the last disadvantage is the possible rejection of the mentality of the country. It is very much different and foreign countries, and some people, for example, even with years of hard to accept someone else’s mentality.

But if your child and you ready for such a step, the education abroad in the future will open new perspectives that will help to achieve the heights and to get a good job.

Recall that none of universities entered the list of 200 best universities in the world, compiled annually by the influential British publication Times Higher Education jointly with the news Agency Thomson Reuters. The rating for the 2012-2013 school year, which includes 400 universities from different countries of the world, was published last Wednesday evening.

For the second consecutive year the best University in the world recognized by the California Institute of technology (USA). Second place is shared by British and American universities — Oxford and Stanford. Surprise of the current rating was the fourth position Harvard University (USA), who for many years was its undisputed leader.

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the quality of higher education among other countries of the world continue to lead US in the top ten universities in seven American universities. In the list of 200 world’s best universities in the USA have 76.

The list this year, 24 countries — two less than last year. From universities outside the US and the UK, the highest position – the 12th — ranked Swiss Federal technology University in Zurich. The best University in Asia is Tokyo University, who took 27th place. The middle East in the list of 200 best universities represented only three – Israel, and Africa the University of Cape town.

So if the material and moral readiness is, then go for it – best universities of the world are waiting for your child!

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