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Discover about the influence of social and mass media on students’ minds.

The social network that will change the face of school education Part 2

Inside of Edmodo resembles Facebook: colors, interface design, layout. However, unlike the popular social network functionality Edmodo is significantly truncated and is focused exclusively on the process of schooling. There is also completely no external advertising. Each registered teacher network has the ability to create different groups: by subject, by class, by interests. Or it […]

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The social network that will change the face of school education Part 1

Edmodo — American social network designed specifically for primary and secondary schools. It offers teachers a convenient means of organization of educational process, student assessment mechanisms, and stimulates the exchange of professional experience. Wanting to get away from the standard testing and standardized learning outcomes, many teachers use this virtual platform in order to diversify […]

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The role of social networks in education Part 2

Accordingly, the development of social networks has become very important for people in the last decade. This concept is equally important for organizations, academics and businesses with the ability to build social networks for effective knowledge sharing, encourage innovation and support the participants. In essence, social networks create and maintain social capital. Taking into account […]

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The role of social networks in education Part 1

This work’s aim would be to review social networks’ part in academic method. The real history of the introduction of social media like a technical and cultural trend, the advantages of utilizing social media in training. Especially interest is compensated in the viewpoint of low towards the faculties of internet sites official and everyday understanding. […]

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How social networks shape us

Children always amaze adults with their imagination, curiosity and plenty of tricky questions, puzzling to the “big” people. And sometimes parents find it difficult to direct the energy of their offspring in the right direction. Specifically for children from 8 to 16 there is a creative social network where they can share their inventions, discoveries […]

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The impact of social media on children

If teenagers used out for each other in the yard at home or school, with the advent of social networks for children strife from the street migrated to the world wide web. Number of likes to the post to judge the guilt or, on the contrary, the innocence of the author of the crime. Common […]

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