Writing Helper

Guidelines on writing many different academic assignments, e.g. reports, reviews, thesis statements and more.

How to write correctly Part 1

Writing is a skill, often neglected, it is much more attractive to learn to speak than to write English. However, if you are going to take the exam or use English at work, the skill of writing is necessary to develop. In this article we give tips that will help you learn to write English […]

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Help with Writing Thesis Statement

The thesis is considered as a statement made by a writer. Usually, the thesis introduces something that has to be backed up, illustrated, or argued. Well, remember that the thesis can be known not as the obvious piece; the given things are not the subject to confirmation. The given sentence operates as a roadmap for […]

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Work Report Writing

Writing a report paper is very important activity in all work areas; the language and layout of the report are important to assure yourself that the details are easily understood and accurate. The following facts mentioned below offer information concerning composing a clear and detailed report. The report includes information concerning a particular event, and […]

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Online dictations for improving your spelling

You want to learn to understand English by ear, and simultaneously to pull up the spelling? Today our selection of useful links contains 5 resources for learning English, this sites — collections of dictations in English. Exercises will help you to check how well you perceive it by ear, and how are you getting on […]

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How to Write a Thesis Statement

The autobiographical paper, which also has the other title such as ‘personal narrative essay,’ depicts your life and informs readers about your aims, personality, and different valuable things. As you need to turn the autobiography into a written project, it is essential to find out more about the main point in order to narrow down […]

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