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You want to learn to understand English by ear, and simultaneously to pull up the spelling? Today our selection of useful links contains 5 resources for learning English, this sites — collections of dictations in English. Exercises will help you to check how well you perceive it by ear, and how are you getting on with spelling in English. Try?

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  1. Dictationsonline

Website — a collection of short dictations in English. Tasks are divided by levels of difficulty from Elementary to Advanced, texts read by native speakers. There are simple dictation, and poems.

Select the dictation window will open in a new tab. You will be given some words — nouns, the writing of which you don’t need to know. Next, you include a record, listen to and write. The first time each sentence read slowly, repeat twice, with dictating punctuation. After that you again include entry to verify: the text is read through once at a normal pace, punctuation is not known. Then you open the text and check their mistakes.

The resource is simple and straightforward even for beginners, and the maximum recording time is only 35 seconds. So you can do every day — 5 minutes a day to practice the English language will be able to find every.

  1. Rong-chang

Rong-chang complexity is not specified, therefore we recommend to start on the site from Pre-Intermediate level and go from first exercise to the last.

Dictation is a set of 10 sentences. You read the first of them at an average pace, do you write it in a special window and press the Check button (check). Misspelled words are highlighted in yellow. If you can’t hear a word, click on Hint (hint), will tell you the first letter (if necessary, second and subsequent). If you can’t understand the sentence, skip it by pressing the button Show answer (show answer).

This resource has a small disadvantage compared to the previous website: you provide a list of names of their own, and they are easy to make a mistake. Overall, however, the website is convenient and useful, and your training will only take 5-10 minutes a day.

  1. Englishclub

Site is categorized by three levels of difficulty: beginner — short sentences, the average level — the texts of average length, advanced level — long texts.

In each level, the texts are broken down by subject, choose the one you want to learn or to practice. Click on your chosen theme, you will see a list of pages with exercises. Each of them has buttons labelled A to F. Click on A — you will hear the proposal, says his average pace. Then click on B, you would dictate this phrase at a slow pace, this time write it in the box under the letter S. note: the punctuation you dictate. After writing click on D — again, you read the sentence at a normal pace, you can verify that recorded it. To check, click on the letter E — you will be shown the correct answer in the box under the letter F.

Life easy, clear and efficient. You will not only test your knowledge but will also learn new helpful phrases to repeat grammar.

  1. Breakingnewsenglish

The most interesting resources for writing dictations in English, because you will be reading not abstract suggestions, and “real” phrase of the most recent world news. Audio adaption, so they should deal with the Intermediate level.

On each tab you will be asked to write just one sentence. Play the tape and write the dictation. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that the phrase is taken from a recording of the real news, the media may not be the classic British pronunciation as a kind of emphasis, moreover, he says rather quickly. You can write the whole sentence at once, and can enter one word into the field and test each part of the proposal.

New exercises appear every two days, I advise you to go here and check the understanding of “living” speech of normal rate without adaptation.

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  1. Learnenglish this resource is not so much dictation, but they are all perfect for exercise. It’s quite long texts in comparison with placed on previous sites.

For starters listen to the text at a normal pace. Then play the tape at a slow pace and write the dictation. After this re-enable recording at a normal pace and check your text. Click on the Check number and check your dictation with the original text.

This resource class will take more time, so I can alternate between writing long and short dictations on other sites at least once a week.

So now you have 5 great sites for writing interactive dictations in English, which we hope will become your constant assistant in the learning process. Spend just 5 minutes a day to improve your English in a month you will begin to write more competently, learn dozens of new phrases, and to understand the language by ear and carry on a conversation on the phone in English will become easier.

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