Modern ways to study chemistry Part 2

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Chem Lab

I think another chemical laboratory? Do not guess! Chem Lab is a fun test that will test your knowledge of basic chemical formulas. The user is prompted to alternately perform 5 tasks (to pull in a test tube the necessary elements to produce a gas or connect a suitable substance, etc.). At the end of experiments shows the results required for each task and compare with your achievements. Beware – if bad reaction, something can explode or catch fire. Of course, the app is safe, but the explosion at least suggests that in reality, it is not necessary to repeat a similar experience. The app is in the App Store and costs only $0.99.

Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog game for the little ones. Talking dog Ben is a Professor of chemistry in retirement, who are tired of life. Everything he does, eats, drinks and reads the paper. You can try to stir it, and you can just click on the button “Chemistry” and send the old Professor to the lab to spend with him, the simplest chemical experiments (to mix the two liquids and observe the reaction). Nothing particularly informative, but the child at least learns that mixing two substances can lead to unexpected reactions. It seems a good beginning for a story about chemistry as a science. The free app is available in iTunes and Google Play.


Another tool for learning chemistry, which allows you to get acquainted with the activity elements to study the redox reactions to solve problems in chemistry, to obtain final products of the reaction and to equalize the odds. In the Appendix there is a description of the reactions of more than a thousand chemical compounds. The app interface is very simple, however, as work in it: for the reaction, it is sufficient to select from the table the necessary elements and combine them. You can download the app from Google Play.

Elements Quiz

App game for learning chemistry. Now you do not need to force your child to memorize chemical elements, is enough to set him Quiz Elements where the periodic table is studied in a simple form. The basic rules of the game – look in the table of proposed program on chemical elements. What could be easier? But the child in the process of the search is gradually remembers the name of the element, its symbol and place in the table – the foundations that are necessary for further successful study of the subject. For more advanced users the application is integrated quiz, which is not so easy to handle. In addition, the application associated with Wikipedia, so you can always get more information about a particular element in the free encyclopedia.


This app, which makes it unnecessary difficult to draw formulas of organic compounds. But, as noted by users, the program is impossible to describe and portray a full response, so MolPrime+ can only be used as an equation editor. By the way, your achievements in the app to easily share with friends via Twitter and email so that you can compete in skill. MolPrime+ easy to download from iTunes.

Chem By Design

Another database of chemical elements with a collection of images of molecular structures and sequences of reactions. The program includes more than 600 sequences, each of which have additional assignments, and tests. The app is available free in the App Store and Play Mаrket.


A free app, which includes the entire periodic table, search for all sorts of reactions and solubility chart of chemical elements. Especially for demanding users the application has a calculator of molecular masses, so that the Chemistry is a simple and indispensable tool for all who study this science. It can be downloaded for free in iTunes.

Periodic table of videos

This is not an app and not a game. Periodic table of videos is a resource that hosts a series of hilarious and extreme videos with chemical experiments prepared by scientists from the University of Nottingham. Starring – known UK Professor of chemistry Martin Poliakoff, who became famous for his research in the field of green chemistry, infrared spectroscopy and supercritical fluids.

Possessing all the features of a “mad Professor”, Martin Poliakoff in an entertaining and accessible form tells about the secrets of chemistry, illustrating his words are very characteristic experiences. As an example, in this video, where Professor talks about why exploding hydrogen bubbles when in contact with hot objects.

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Chemical Engineering AppSuite HD

This unique app developed by a team of chemical engineers for both professionals and for students. The application has a database of over thousands of industrial and laboratory chemicals unit converters for temperature, pressure, length, area and time, as well as special tools for solving problems of hydrodynamics and calculations of fuel combustion. In addition, there are physical characteristics of thousands of different compounds and elements, including density, pressure, heat capacity, viscosity. The program allows you to make quick calculations of equations of state, Panga-Robinson equations of state of gas van der Waals and others.

In Chemical Engineering there are multiple spreadsheets, graphic tools with built-in calculators, data statistics, and much more. An impressive tool for those who feel in the science of chemistry like a fish to water. All this wealth is on iTunes is only $0.99.

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