Modern ways to study biology and medicine Part 2

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It’s not even the app, is a pocket-sized tip, which presents short articles on key topics: “Cell”, “Root”, “Algae”, “insect Class”, “Division of fish”, “the Class mammals”, “Evolution of the animal world”, “An overview of the human body”, etc. Nothing new and amazing, but to repeat some lost in memory, the most fundamental thing will fit perfectly. Strictly, simple and free.

The Human Body by Tinybop

Another application is for a first acquaintance with the human body. Human Body is something between a game and encyclopedia. Every process of the human body are presented interactively and are described in detail: here the heart beats, guts gurgle, lungs breathe, eyes are considering, etc. the App won 1st place in the education charts in the App Store in 146 countries and was named one of the best in the App Store in 2013. Here is a quote from the product description on iTunes:

Human Body is designed for children to help them learn what we are made of and how we work.

The application can choose one of four avatars, an example of which will be on display the work of our body. There is no special rules and levels – the basis of everything is the curiosity of the child who can ask the app any questions regarding our body. How are we breathing? How do we see? And so on. In the app there is an animation and interactive view of the six systems of our body: skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive. Included with the app you are downloading free PDF book of human anatomy with detailed articles and questions for discussion. The app is available on iTunes for $2.99.


This is another app from the Brooklyn Studio of developers of educational apps Tinybop, but for the study of botany. Wanted to know the secrets of the green Kingdom? Plants will help both children and those who simply want to learn more about the ecosystems of our planet. The app is an interactive diorama, in which the player – king and God, able to control the weather, to make forest fires and observe animals in their natural environment. In this process of creativity the user can get to know different plants and animals in a virtual sandbox, mimicking their natural habitat. There are ecosystem of the forest and desert areas, tundra and meadows. Soon the developers promise to provide ecosystem taiga, tropical savanna and mangrove forests. However, it’s not about quantity. To get acquainted with a life cycle of at least one biome – is an achievement, but such an experience will help better understand how to live our planet and how nature is interconnected. The app is in the App Store, its price – $2.99.

Visual Anatomy

Visual Anatomy is a very detailed guide on the anatomy of man, which contains many high resolution images and more than 200 different functions. Here are a list of various objects of the human body with a description of each. In addition, Visual Anatomy provides the ability to search different parts of the body of the famous textbook “Gray’s Anatomy”. To test your knowledge in embedded Visual Anatomy quiz with answers to questions. The free app is available on Play Market.


A simple kids app to discover the world around them. Of BioMio children learn about the existence of simple environmental groups such as animals, plants and lifeless objects, and how these groups are interrelated. Children choose one of three landscapes (forest and pond; the sea and the underwater world, river) and proceed to the study of selected ecosystems. Everything is simple, clear and colorful. The app can be downloaded on iTunes for $1.99.

3D Human Anatomy Atlas from Visible Body

One of the most famous full 3D anatomical atlases. The application presents a 3D model of the human body with a huge variety of designs (more than 2,500). Here are a few of iMedicalApps about the app:

Rarely does an app is able to stun, but Visible Body is one such application – It’s ideal for students and teachers of anatomy, as well as for patient education.

What you can do in the app? Consider the hundreds of thumbnail images, sorted by departments and anatomical systems to run the 3D model of interest departments or anatomical structures, rotate, zoom in, tilt the model to study from any angle, explore information about the anatomical objects, find the necessary education and add them to the existing model. In General, a very detailed and complete 3D model of human body developed by highly qualified professionals. As for the price – on Play Market the app costs about a thousand rubles, so I think will suit professionals for whom this level of detail is relevant.

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Imolecule: Biology DNA

The app “Imolecule: Biology DNA”, which tells about the fascinating world of cell biology, almost lost on the Play Market among dozens of anatomical atlases that plague the Internet. And for good reason. If you are interested to get acquainted with the structure and functions of DNA and RNA molecules and learn something about the mutation and transcriptions, “imolecule” can be an indispensable tool in this endeavor. The application presents 3 sections of biology: “RNA”, “DNA”, “Proteins”. Each section has its own interactive model and the interactive 3D animations, colorful illustrations and interesting facts. The application will be interesting not only to fans of biology, but also those curious personalities who are always fascinated by the mystery of DNA. Especially nice that Google Play, the app is absolutely free.

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