Modern ways to study biology and medicine Part 1

Dissection of a frog, a 3D tour of the human body, dive into different biomes – all in our selection of the best apps for learning biology.

The study of biology, lined with models of skeletons, pickled frogs and exotic plants, has a high interest in children. Another thing is that interest is not always extends beyond these extraordinary items, and rarely transferred to the object itself.

But to help teachers and lecturers today created a huge number of games and applications, which become available to previously unthinkable experiences. Here is the best of them.

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Frog Dissection

This is a great app partially solves the old problem of ethics relating to the conduct of animal experimentation. Frog Dissection allows you to conduct a 3D dissecting a frog, which is painfully reminiscent of the present preparation. The program has detailed instructions for the experiment, anatomical comparison of frogs and humans, and the whole set of necessary tools that are displayed at the top of the screen: scalpel, tweezers, pin… everything else, the app allows you to study in detail each dissected organ. So c Frog Dissection first-year students who are concurrently members of animal protection organizations, feel free to dissect virtual frogs and receive their coveted competition. No animal in the course of such experience will not be affected. Frog Dissection you can download from iTunes for $3.99.

3D Motion Human Anatomy

Despite the fact that today there are a huge number of anatomical atlases and encyclopedias, created for high school students to medical students, the 3D Human Anatomy app created by a Japanese company team LabBody, is one of the best to date, interactive anatomy, which allows us to study the three-dimensional model of the human body.

Although the learning app has been designed as an application for physicians, primarily orthopedists, it is clear to those who has no relation to medicine. The feature anatomical Atlas from teamLabBody is that every movement of the muscles of the model are depicted in the most authentic way, we can say, with medical precision. To achieve such a result, Professor Sugamoto Osaka University worked for 10 years. But the result has surpassed all expectations. We now have the ability to run 3D model and explore the realistic work of our skeleton and muscles, simultaneously considering other systems of the human body. But a serious product, and an associated cost. On the App Store, you can purchase the full version for $29.99, and a stripped-down model including only the head and neck – for $0.99. The app is also available in Play Market (full and abridged versions).


Leafsnap is a kind of digital Recognizer of trees, which will definitely appeal to all nerds (in the truest sense of the word) and nature lovers. The principle of the application is quite simple: to understand what plant in front of you, just take a picture of its leaf. After that, the application launches a special comparison algorithm forms a leaf from those laid down in memory (something like a face recognition mechanism people). Together with the conclusion of the alleged “carrier” sheet the application will display a ton of information about this plant, place of growth, flowering, etc. If image quality program will be difficult to come to a final conclusion, it will suggest you possible variants with a detailed description. Then it’s up to you. Overall, a very educational application that helps you effortlessly to find out a little more about the world. By the way, every photo submitted to the app gets in a specially designed database of the flora of a particular area and helps scientists in studies of new species of plants and replenishment of the information already known. App free download on the App Store.

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My Incredible Body

A fascinating application for kids that is easy to make a fascinating journey through the human body. And not just travel and travel on a rocket for 3D models of various organs and systems of the body: you can “ride” on the vessels, to see how the brain receives and sends signals and receives the food that we eat. The child has the ability to stop anywhere and look around. The app allows you to zoom into the skeleton, muscles, internal organs, nerves and blood vessels and to study their location and principles of operation. Want to learn how the bones of the skull are attached to each other, some muscles work more than others in the body or where did the name iris? My Incredible Body you can get answers to these and many other questions. The program has short videos that capture the process of breathing, the joint work of muscles, the functioning of the hearing aid, etc., to explore the body is a great option, especially because the price in the App Store $2.69.

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