Mobile technology in education

In these posts, you will find out some interesting info on the use of mobile devices in education.

7 free iOS apps for working with documents

Computer technology has entered our lives and are now widely used for teaching in schools, including at the modern stage of foreign language teaching. Teacher at German cultural center. Goethe, shares a list of mobile applications, which she found together with his students, to improve the efficiency of homework. For several years now I teach […]

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A game that teaches programming

Not long ago we wrote about the games. But summer is the time to play. The more that this game can continue in school. The regulars of resources such was able to pay attention to the multiplayer browser game CodeCombat. Its developers propose to learn the programming, capturing land, and defeating enemies in the best […]

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How to increase your reading speed

Large texts in the modern world are faced with two big problems. First, each day per person falls huge flow of information that must (or not so need, but want) to learn. Second, a significant portion of the amount of information people perceive from the screens of their smartphones and tablets, the plane of which […]

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