Mobile technology in education

In these posts, you will find out some interesting info on the use of mobile devices in education.

UNESCO recommendations for learning

Mobile technologies lead to a fundamental change in the way people live, including in education. UNESCO makes recommendations to governments as to keep up with the times. In a world in which increasing dependence on communications and access to information, mobile devices are not a passing phenomenon. Since the power and capabilities of mobile devices […]

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A survey in 30 seconds Part 2

A queue is a sequence of questions you want to ask from the specified class at the next lesson. After the question is asked, it disappears from the queue. Of course, the next lesson, you can add it again to the queue, if necessary. This concept will become more clear below. Overall, what we have […]

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A survey in 30 seconds Part 1

As with just one smartphone to quickly poll the whole class? We about a year ago I wrote about a fantastic app that allows conducting frontal interviews with a single mobile phone. If the previous material was more related to news, in this article we would like to give specific instructions to any teacher any school […]

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Games and apps for physics lovers Part 2

Algodoo “Algodoo creates a new synergy between science and art,” reads the inscription on one of the pages of the game. Algodoo is a unique 2D platformer simulation of physical experiments from Algoryx Simulation AB. By using cartoon images and interactive tools Algodoo allows you to create amazing inventions, to develop games for use in […]

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Applications about natural sciences

Game and training applications that allow you to look at the structure of molecules, to build a volcano and go on a 3D tour of the human body — in our collection. Maybe someone is able to study chemistry on your toes, but certainly not the majority. Therefore, the development of digital technology and the […]

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Educational apps approved by teachers

A librarian from Connecticut made the list of the most useful educational apps according to the American teachers. Account applications in the thousands and choose the best one to use in the class is represented by a quite complicated task. Michelle was Luhtala, head of school libraries in Connecticut, has collected experiences of teachers in […]

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