Mobile technology in education

In these posts, you will find out some interesting info on the use of mobile devices in education.

Applications for science and tech

In continuation of our series of selections of various applications and games for studying school subjects today we will tell you that it is possible to offer very young children to explore technology and scientific picture of the world (STEM). When it comes to technical disciplines, the majority is a complex thing: scientific experiments with […]

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Chinese education app has received a $20 million investment

Fresh Chinese XueXiBao educational startup that developed the application for recognition of educational materials and search for more information, became the object of considerable investment. That venture investment Fund SoftBank China Venture Capital has invested in education startup such a large sum (for comparison, American EdModo last year received about $30 million of investment), reports […]

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All chemistry grades in your pocket

Recommend quality mobile apps that will assist in the study of chemistry or diversify your leisure. In the modern world spends more and more time over a smartphone or tablet. However, this does not mean that the use of gadgets harms the level of today’s education and interferes with the passion of kids science. We offer […]

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Helpful tools for teachers Part 2

On the wall you can place blocks of text, pictures, videos from YouTube. All changes are saved online automatically. The privacy wall is highly configurable: you can invite collaborators to a few people, and can make it open to change the world. Teachers who have long loved this tool, to share ideas about how to […]

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Helpful tools for teachers Part 1

We present a selection of tools that will help the teacher to “enable” all students to the last Desk. This app syncs with Google Drive and allows you to join the presentation via Google accounts. Pear Deck is used to create interactive presentations, where slides can contain images, text, video content. The app allows the […]

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Famous museums in your hand

Don’t fear should you choose not need period throughout the vacations to obtain some tradition: a mobile software is by which you are able to practically stroll through the planet galleries that are renowned. Begin hiking with international galleries in the distant items of individual world and tradition, after which move ahead to Spain. National […]

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