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Professional ethics in the teachers’ collective

Welcome here: personal experience of a young teacher, which tells, what should prepare before the first meeting. For all time, remembered me very well the first quarter. It was like a fairy tale is every day worse. I was used to the students the new rules, the system suddenly fell down bureaucracy, which was much […]

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Why do you need to keep a diary? Part 3

As pointed out by the writer Tristine Rainer in his book “The New Diary”, the diary form meets all four basic mechanisms of human perception, which include emotions, feelings, intuition and intelligence. Try to develop each of these qualities, avoid monotony. And then, quite possibly, the diary will become your fertile ground for the development […]

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Why do you need to keep a diary? Part 2

If you suffer from low self-esteem, insecurity and see in everything only the negative side, diary entries will help to overcome these harmful thinking habits and see the world more realistically. In this way the diary is used, for example, in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. This is not only useful, but absolutely free (unlike visits to therapy […]

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Why do you need to keep a diary? Part 1

How keeping a journal helps to cope with difficulties, to develop creative abilities, gain confidence and better understand their place in life. It is surprising that such a simple thing as a personal journal, can be simultaneously a creative lab, a caring therapist, a source of memories, self-development tool, and most importantly — a safe […]

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Why teachers ought to collect statistics?

What information about students may be interested in teachers and how to collect them without spending a lot of time. Indicators of the educational process is not only about attendance and grades. It consists of tiny parts, most of which the teacher is not fixing, and at best learns. This is understandable: the paperwork too […]

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How to survive in the post-truth era Part 2

Remember: many individual cases — is not proof If you prove that global warming is a fiction, citing the extreme cold and blizzards that happened in a certain city last winter, there is reason to question the rightness of the argument. Similarly, the effectiveness of homeopathy is not proved by the fact that someone’s aunt […]

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How to survive in the post-truth era Part 1

Simple tips that will help you distinguish truth from meaningless claims and to build a reasonable argument. Neighbors say they need to refuse vaccination on television to discuss the coming of the next end of the world, in the Internet write that kefir diet (Forex trading, holotropic breathing, running naked) will forever make you happy. […]

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