Innovative school for programmers Part 1

In 2013, opened in Paris a school of coding, where gaining young and often inexperienced programmers. They are given housing, and equipment and offer to run team projects. For admission do not need a degree in higher and secondary education, the school has no teachers and strict control, its main task is to give experience and uncover talented professionals.

In 2016, a branch school opened in California, and is conceptually similar projects began to appear in different countries. The revolutionary institution praised by many famous specialists, who saw in it the future of education.

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What is this school

42 school is a private school for both beginners and experienced programmers. One branch was opened in Paris and the other in California city of Fremont. The title refers to the book “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”, where a powerful artificial intelligence answered this number on the “ultimate question of Life, the Universe and everything”. The schooling is free, students are provided a place in a hostel, a powerful iMac and unrestricted access to the Internet.

The study takes place without teachers, the students find information on the Internet independently and work together on IT projects. The school works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students can come and go at any time, the academic schedule here. In the first year an application was filed by 70 thousand people, of which the results of the test were selected from about 3000.

In American and French branch employs 20 staff, but they do not teach and do not interfere in the work of the students and perform more administrative functions. The government does not support the transfer of knowledge through teachers, as, in his opinion, any information you can find yourself on the Internet.

Who found it

The author of the project — 49-year-old French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, is a common condition which is estimated at more than $ 7 billion. When Neely was 13 years old, his father gave him a Sinclair ZX81 computer. Gift captivated the teenager and he decided to dedicate his life to IT. After graduation, the entrepreneur decided not to go to University, and continued to study programming in my parents garage.

In 18 years, Neel created a chat and a few messengers, which were later sold to large companies. In 1990, when the programmer was 23, he founded a company to services of television, mobile and Internet communications Iliad. In addition, he created several French companies working in the field of communication and Internet. More than ten years Niel invested millions in IT start-ups to French and American developers. The investor argued that the traditional teaching coding is not working.

Niel believes that learning programmers need independent and collaborative practice, not the teachers.

In March 2013 the entrepreneur opened the Paris branch of the school of 42, spending on the construction and maintenance of $ 70 million. Niel expected to see in the school qualified, but with no ties of programmers, as he himself was in his youth.

Three years later, in the Californian city of Fremont opened a second School 42. This time the investor spent on the construction and equipment of about $ 100 million. In the next 5 years Niel expects to teach in the California case of 10 thousand students. It pre-paid land rent and maintenance of facilities up to 2020.

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How to enroll in School 42

To get to school can be anyone aged 18 to 30 years. Learning does not need a diploma for secondary or higher education or a letter of recommendation, they only need to pass initial testing.

The selection process looks like. The candidate is registered on the official website of the School and passes the IQ test. If the results are satisfactory, within a few days he is invited to Paris or the California branch of the institution depends on the site, which applicants filled out a questionnaire. The school has an outdoor chat in Slack. There students and the institution to discuss various issues, including the application.

Then begins a four-week course of coding — daily entrant to provide new jobs that require quick decisions. Participant is provided with the computer, he can use the Internet to communicate with students. Construct — non-programmers have to work 100 hours a week to have time to deal with them.

If the applicant passes the test, he will be offered a full course of study that lasts from 3 to 5 years. Students without their housing the school is able to give a place in a hostel. In addition, the school conducts summer seminars for programmers. The closest will be held in Fremont from 19 to 30 June 2017.

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