Innovations in education Part 3

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9 of 20 ideas cannot be implemented without a computer

For those who believe that educational technology is lagging behind progressive Europe, we inform: there are many different initiatives in the field of gamification and online education.

The project “PandaMany” is an educational app to enhance economic literacy of children. Cute lovely animal can teach your child how to quickly and effortlessly amass on the bike. Cute Panda teaches financial literacy.

Another project on gamification in a corporate training — “Gingerbread.LMS”. Here, innovators have taken care of adults who love to play games, not fewer children. The developers offer a technology package and corporate online environment, where the employee, any organization can are made on time and delivered the report to not only the award from his superiors, but the gold medal for a job well done. About the rest of the projects’ finalists you can learn more on the contest website.

We are often asked what advice we could give to future participants of the competition. We made some informal suggestions.


Of the huge number of applications (we have already said that every year they receive hundreds) beneficial are those that are concise, clear and descriptive title. The habit of many teachers to write something in the spirit of “regional interagency support project quality monitoring…” is always obviously weaker. The three story wording did not disclose the purpose of your work, as it seems to the authors, but complicate the search for the meaning of ideas.


You’re the pioneers have the courage to say that you are willing to go very far. Often the project can be designed not only for the district or city, as the initiators themselves in completing them. Formulate your content to other people, intrigued them was able to repeat it. Many of the problems in education cannot be solved exactly from a lack of desire to share their developments with colleagues, and for that your project should exist, regardless of your participation in it.


Often in applications the participants are trying to justify the uniqueness of educational technology (special teacher’s cunning action), and from this appear the phrase in the spirit of “support the psychological-pedagogical work in open educational situations…”. What’s next? How it should be implemented — is unclear. A description of the idea is only the acceleration, but need a takeoff and a soft landing. Your strength in your training: analysis of competitors, business plan (even if you are not about money, it’s the action plan), a marketing company, to develop a prototype. It will still have to do. The best time is right now.

In February we are opening applications for the Contest of innovations in education 2017. You have time to prepare your project for the competition — semifinal and final. If you have an idea, assemble a team (this is an extremely important factor in the success of the project, because working alone is boring), pack idea. Don’t forget, success is in the details.

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