Innovations in education Part 2

In addition, the desire for light and good innovators don’t need followers. Maybe in our country is not so developed culture of associations and movements (the movement of home schoolers in America, the professional Association in England and Germany). Unlike the West, where designers at the first stage they talk about finding like-minded people, about the importance of transmitting the idea as far as possible, covering hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the projects tend to get the expertise, partnership and investment, pushing the idea of asceticism in the background.

In this age of computer technology and gamification most teams requesting advice from IT specialists.

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IT industry is really focused on the development of educational content and anyone who engaged in “teaching & learning”, actively uses online tools. However, meeting with pros at the Summer school explicitly allowed us to understand that often, requesting advice of the programmers, the people are not aware of any similar development already exists. If we were asked to give advice to future participants, we would advise to monitor the existing market offerings and look for similar ideas.

What else should I know about people who want to change the domestic education? In half of the cases, the participants KIVO say that have never participated in any competitions. Maybe in our country few such initiatives, and maybe a little about them is known? Or participation in the innovation contest for startups — it’s like a marriage in a conservative society, once and for all life?

What distinguished the winning projects

As it turned out, this practice exists for quite some time. It was created 10 years ago in Brazil and has established itself not only as a social project, but also as a good educational technology.

By a large margin from the other participants the audience award KIVO 2016 took the project “Bilim”. This idea of a boy and a girl from Kyrgyzstan who speak fluently in several foreign languages, including English, Turkish, German.

Educational center “Bilim” (Bilim word in Kyrgyz means “knowledge”) is the only center in the capital that provides this kind of aid to citizens. The team works the third year and is beginning to gain popularity among educational organizations.

Between innovation and school a black cat ran

What else can you say about the TOP 20? None of the finalists did not discuss the change in the educational process inside the school, inverting conventional lessons and classes. All projects aimed at the development of education in the sphere of additional, informal or higher education. There are projects in the corporate and business learning, inclusion and education of preschool children.

Innovators share their experience of the failed negotiations with the organizations of formal education. In this round of the initiative that it seems unfinished though between the school and the innovators ran a black cat. Innovative teams are formed from teachers, but they certainly offer their initiative educational organization. The school denied them as team members to the school have no relationship.

It would be unfair to keep silent about the projects that try to make life of students more fun and homework less boring.

If your children do not see much point in solving mathematical problems, you can threaten them with the black hand of the monster, and the world of mathematics will play the other colors.

Is a Board game motivator, when any problem in physics or algebra turn into the chase and the opportunity to save his hero from the black monster that threatens violence with every throw of the dice.

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