Important skills for self-development Part 2

This is perhaps the coolest way to generate the same Global mindset, which is now called in the number of skills of the XXI century. However, this type of education can not afford it — most often wealthy parents, freelancers, people working remotely or having a good passive income. There’s a whole movement of the schools based on this model Traveling schools. One Korean I met in India. They did that purposefully found and studied cultural knowledge, skills and traditions that are unique to this place. and then gave concerts or making things for sale, covering part of the cost.

But perhaps I’m not even talking about it. Travel for fun hiding from us the enormous potential of education that we can get. The basic logic of globalization does not increase the possibilities of communication of people around the world; we are trying everywhere to create the same conditions. If you enough time you’ll spend outside the cities, in different places, you will begin to notice that the cities throughout the Land to stupidity similar to each other. It would seem that roughly compare San Francisco, Delhi and Illinois.

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But fundamentally we’ll replicate the same “normal”, “comfortable” condition: temperature comfort, comfortable travel, quality asphalt, concrete, aluminium and glass around comfortably-driven nature, comfortable fenced borders and fences of parks, the “normal” urban profession and “normal” communication.

Leaving aside the General criticism of this approach to life, we see how many are missing from the point of view of teaching. I started to learn from India’s tourist places, trying the local colorful cuisine in the restaurant, and when I started to feel the authentic spirit of India and to learn to live in harmony with it. In my case it always happened outside of cities. That’s where I could really explore the nature, culture, values, history, life of this place and learned a lot. Back with this understanding, I first started to learn from the place where he was born and grew up – in Siberia.

And yet the real journey (not as a tourist) changes a lot inside.

It makes you get out of the comfort zone, to look for alternative ways of communication (language and cultural barriers — and no one will be polite to adapt to you), to give up my attachment to many of the usual things. Perhaps the tourism industry has killed the meaning of this journey (sorry for seditious thought). But if the public school and University did the same with education, and you’re still reading this article means we can “take rightfully belongs to us”. Travel with an open heart, and it will teach your head.

The last word

I leave out some special ways of education, tested me. Much more important is that the paragraphs of my articles may not limit your self.

The feature of self is that it cannot be standardized, universal. You can study online or in the field, thinking or trying to practice with a teacher or independently, learning culture or rejecting it, placing from prospective goal (“I want to be able to conduct trainings”) or staying a free search using the educational institution or holding away from them…

The only criteria — you can build your education and yourself in it. You — the subject and the actor of this process. You make choices and determine what and why to learn, how to evaluate yourself, where to apply knowledge.

The main question remains: what should you do to self-education became the norm? What will help you personally to rethink their attitude to education and to begin to see the whole world as a huge, real School, not separated from life but is life?

It’s very important to show that the self is not some heroic feat that requires excessive effort, which can only the few “rebels” who dared to oppose the system.

But the risk the other extreme lies in the phrase “it’s all right, and obviously, such “education” and so spontaneously happening to me”. Continuing to consider the school/University as the main source of education, you may notice that learned a lot from a chance meeting with an important person or having tried something in practice, and to… go back to school. Real inspiration comes when you see that, accounting for my education, like a mosaic, piece by piece, you can replace 100% of formal training that you have created yourself.

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Now my team and colleagues are experimenting with different approaches to the “rise” of this approach. Developed the course for several universities, a modular program for those who have already decided to switch to self-education, greater training for community eco-settlements, corporate product to transform business in organization. Trying to find the point at which the application of this view of the world will give the maximum effect. And if you have ideas about where and how it would be useful to bring – email me!


This article I wrote because my own transition to self-education changed everything for me. Literally.

And after all the educational projects in which I participated, I am sure to learn so everyone can. Remember, because learning is interesting; in this process, sure there are difficulties and trials, but in the big picture it is easy and joyful; it might start with small steps, and your interest, hobby, passion beckoned behind him, forced to run on the field, drop a cliff, will help to get up and dust yourself off, cross the bridge and through the headwind will help to climb the mountain. But you will find yourself at the top to see the new pic. This journey is self-education.

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