If the technologies would be ancient gods Part 2

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Hephaestus was hated parents that threw him from Olympus on a lonely island in the ocean, and unlucky in love, however found himself in skill. The Scandinavian God Thor with attractiveness was more fortunate (especially Marvel movies), but canonically he is not only a warrior but also a patron of blacksmiths. Today, through educational web resources these gods are worshiped by those for whom no development of technology could not stifle the passion for the self-understanding of the world; those in whom a strong practical streak and a love for engineering.

If you’re trying to play by using scrap materials that I saw in the videos, like videos with experiments, watch “Mythbusters” and “Invincible warrior”, it’s about you. The followers of the gods of blacksmiths despise the instructions that come with appliances, but always know in what forum to talk about it, read forums, radio Amateurs, download charts and scan to pdf, has managed to make cardboard and now dream of a 3D printer.

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Goddess of the hearth and the mother-goddess existed in almost all pagan cultures. The heyday of the Supreme female deity was experienced in the times of matriarchy, but then was pushed away by the male gods. However, a good modern resources, attracting the attention of those who in former times would have become an adept of the cult of the hearth, far from gender bias. Knowledge associated with how to talk to children, taking into account their psychological peculiarities, or to reasonably provide household needs, will be useful to all. By the way, the search queries “how to pack a travel backpack” and “where to go with kids” will also lead you in the Internet under the protection of the goddesses of order, family and home.

To worship them, don’t forget to separate the thoughtful care of children and households from the damaging irrationality. Look at favorite resources, how to cook a complicated dish, the right to collect the mercury from a broken thermometer or first aid, reasonable pleasing to the gods of the hearth. But to be treated by homeopathy or any “force of earth” suggest the priests, who bad studied at school.


The messengers were the gods of Olympus — their task was to transfer mortals messages from the gods. Lightfoot Hermes, which for this purpose was a special winged sandals (the image of this wing is a potentially good idea for a logo messenger), was also escorted souls to Hades, the realm of the dead, and patronized trade. In short, he was responsible for communications in a variety of ways.

In addition, Hermes was worshipped as the patron of trickery and deception — as God-conspirator Loki. Today the gods of the mysteries to take under his wing a secure Protocol, encryption and dual authentication. Messenger with good protection have tricksters, and Loki: the secrecy can be used and the evil and the good, depending on who uses it. For the same reason, another personification of the gods, the trickster in the modern world are hacking and the dark web.

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First, Dionysus is associated with wine and merriment, but in a broad sense, it protects any Orgy. Daniszewski archetype implies unstoppable, randomness and chaos. Changing masks and images, the dissolution of individuality in the General leisure, drunken mission — in short, everything for everyone gamers.

It is embodied in sources where you can get stuck for hours looking at the pictures, and only six in the morning to figure out that two hours should stand; protects enthusiastic natures, who are able to selflessly scroll and tend to fall into a sacred trance from the video clips.

Unlike the Apollo, which for the most part busy a reasonable deal, Dionysus is not committed to a specific purpose, like entertainment and luxuries. Do not rush to condemn him — he just embodies the opposite extreme. To completely abandon his worship should not be, and then turn into a cracker.

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Visual and music editors

Muse supervise not only art but also science. Inspiration and service to the great found here with skill and the fact that the Greeks called “techne”. Skill, precision and delicate work is also highly respected by the Japanese. No wonder one of their gods, Tenjin, patron of calligraphy, one of the most thoughtful art. Tenjin is “canonized” but Sugawara Michizane, the legendary scholar and poet of the ninth century.

Visual editors require sacrifice in the form of hard work. Despite the fact that calligraphy still exists in the traditional form, we are confident that Tenjin has expanded its influence, favoring those who driven web design, drawing logos, clock selects elegant fonts and versed in the styles of. But when somebody inserts into the presentation WordArt, Tenjin is crying tears of blood.

I hope you managed to find itself (if possible). Everyone has a rational reason to choose those or other programs, social media, or ways to user behavior. However, the myth, referring to the unconscious, unearths something deep in each. Therefore, the time to bury the mythology will come only with the funeral of human culture.

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