If the technologies would be ancient gods Part 1

Algorithms become the new, defining events, and the Internet has taken the place of the world tree connects all the worlds. For some branches to go where to look for their roots?

Recently hosted the premiere of the series “American gods” — the film adaptation of the famous novel by Neil Gaiman, where mystical realism coexists with themes relevant to the present day. The world of “American gods” inhabited by the gods of the old world, which was brought to the New world settlers. They come into confrontation with the young gods created the latest human culture, the ghosts media, television and conspiracy theories.

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Myth is a system which explains reality through which people can understand categories and gives him the management tools. With the onset of the XXI century mythology is still here — to see this help the work of Levi Strauss, Roland Barthes, and Baudrillard. Of course, we are far from reading, if the camera actually steals your soul, and in the system unit sits gremlin. However, the fact that man has created the gods, does not mean that they do not affect his life. Today, people are sending rituals and perform rituals in modern objects of worship, and also bring them the gift of your time, work, inspiration, creative energy and aggression. In short, who is rich.

In anticipation of the premiere of “American gods” we decided to dream up and propose your variant of the device of the mythological universe, where the old deities reincarnated in the products of the digital age, taking care of the fruits of modern civilization. After all, basic human needs do not change, but the archetypes do not manage to become obsolete over the centuries.

What gods do you worship? To find out, just look at the sites in the tabs of your browser and shortcuts on the desktop.

Programming languages, databases and CMS, online courses

Deity, who personified the Logo and the wisdom embodied in the work of all who appreciate the logic, construction of systems, intellectual challenges and the beauty of the equation. To properly to serve them, you need to spend hours at the code, merge cells, to connect the calendars and fill in the table.

Perhaps the result will be your bloodshot computer eyes, but it’s not too bloody sacrifice compared to those brought by our ancestors. You can also engage with other followers to argue which programming language is better. Battle — the territory of a deity of war, but the gods of wisdom and order like your desire to defend the beauty of pure idea.

Also Apollo and Minerva patronize academic science and classical art. They like degrees, listening to lectures, training. However, today they insist that all this happened in buildings with columns — fit and the MEP.

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Social network

For chatter, gossip and mutual discussion, which was indulged in by the Greeks with the Romans, said the OSS, she’s Fama — the personification of fame and, according to Homer, the messenger of Zeus. Ovid tells about the ringing built of copper the house of Rumor, where all the doors are open where all can see and where you can hear every sound, and the words passed from mouth to mouth. If you do not know what it is about, the description is quite suitable for Facebook.

In Atiyah crowd. Go and take air hosts. Mixed in with the faithful, falsely there are thousands of rumors. Go; hasten to share with others the wrong, the ears human with their empty chatter fills. Those carry the story, expands the measure of unrighteousness; Everyone heard, even from himself adds the narrator.

Haunting Credulity there; there the bold Misconception. In vain the Joy of living and despondency full Fears; There’s also a creeping Discord, an unknown person raised a Murmur. Ovid, “Metamorphoses”

In addition, all the peoples, before they created the pantheons developed, was the idea of a perfume kind — the ancestors who are constantly watching us. From the same tribal relations is a tradition of presenting the world its food and shopping — so we do digital potlatch (favorably differs from traditional because it allows you to demonstrate lunch, with no one sharing).

Narcissism patronize the deity of beauty and attractiveness, headed by Aphrodite. A filters, apparently, knows personally the goddess (myths to become younger, it was enough to eat her Apple).

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