How to write correctly Part 1

Writing is a skill, often neglected, it is much more attractive to learn to speak than to write English. However, if you are going to take the exam or use English at work, the skill of writing is necessary to develop. In this article we give tips that will help you learn to write English correctly, as well as tell you where you can practice your writing.

Let’s first deal with the concept of “excellent writing skills” to understand what we have to work with.

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Good writing in English includes the following components:

  • a rich vocabulary;
  • grammatically correct sentences;
  • perfect spelling;
  • the proper punctuation.

That is, to learn to write in English, you need to constantly learn new words, know how to build sentences, how to write all the words and put the punctuation. Let’s see what you have to do to achieve those goals.

  1. Increase vocabulary

The bigger your vocabulary, the better and more beautiful you can Express your thoughts. Always try to learn new words, expressions and immediately use them in writing. At the same time you will get the reverse effect and the written word you will remember better than just reading. We recommend you to pay attention to the following vocabulary:

Synonyms of words

For example, try not to use simple words like good, bad, etc. Look at use Synonyms get synonyms. Agree, between good weather (good weather) and good weather (fine weather) there is a big difference.


Vivid expressions will help you to clearly and beautifully Express their thoughts. Compare the sentences “This house is expensive” (This house is expensive) and “This house costs a pretty penny” (This house is worth a lot of money). The second sentence sounds more natural and expressive.

Phrasal verbs

They “work” the same way as idioms: help to Express the idea and make it more alive, like the speech of native speakers. So, you much more often see “We put off our trip than We postponed our trip” (We postponed our trip).

Collocations (set expressions)

Not all phrases within the British language and one another, most of them coupled mixed as within the European vocabulary. And so I counsel where you are able to examine whether you should use particular phrases with one another, you to consult a special. For instance, you are able to create to document a complaint (complaint), and never to provide a complaint.

Be familiar with the truth that in publishing that is formal it’s essential to prevent extreme utilization of idioms.

7 greatest publications to review terminology of the English language: a view that is detailed. For understanding English phrases, 5 free websites. Just how to increase the English language while reading language.

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  1. Discover syntax

To create effectively within the English language should have great understanding of syntax. Utilizing a number of syntax: times verbs variety — you’ll have the ability to many precisely express their ideas.

  1. Spelling

Within the English language has several comparable phrases that vary significantly in meaning, therefore punctuation errors could be devastating and humorous. Suppose the individual doesn’t contemplate it essential to train the right punctuation of phrases and in the place of “We require some dye” (we truly need a little of color) to create “We require some die” (we would like some died). The punctuation might save lives be considered a superhero: create properly, while you can easily see!

  1. Discover punctuation

Remember the laugh concerning the location comma within the phrase “Perform not excuse”? And speakers also provide their very own expression that is funny — Let Us request her to consume or eat grandmother! Therefore punctuation also, should try to learn to allow your ideas properly recognized.

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