How to increase your reading speed

Large texts in the modern world are faced with two big problems. First, each day per person falls huge flow of information that must (or not so need, but want) to learn. Second, a significant portion of the amount of information people perceive from the screens of their smartphones and tablets, the plane of which is restricted and forced to fit the lyrics to certain conditions.

These two problems can be solved with the help of developments in the field of rapid serial visual presentation (Rapid serial visual presentation). RSVP services exist in the form of applications for smartphones or browsers, which show the text, following one after another with adjustable speed.

On the one hand, these applications allow you to read quickly here and now. On the other hand, by increasing the speed of the show, they work as a simulator to develop speed reading ability.

Methods development of rapid reading designed lot, they are all similar in that help to overcome the same obstacles on the way to the goal. This sub vocalization — involuntary pronunciation of the read text “about myself”, regression of the return movement of the eyes in the previous word, and paragraphs, as well as unfocused attention.

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The speed reading has its pros and cons. So, it allows you to quickly grasp the essence of the material, but is ill-suited for fiction. But to discover the many instructions, for example, at the time.

But learning speed reading is not only to “swallow” hundreds of texts a day. Skills developed in such exercises help to work effectively with large volumes of information. Good memory, the ability to quickly identify important points in the text, the focus is all that useful for reading in normal mode, and for conducting high-quality abstracts for all disciplines (especially true if we are talking about pupils and students).

To read quickly

The essence of any RSVP application encrypted in the title. You open with it, you are interested in the text and adjust the speed at which time to receive it (checked experimentally). The text flashes before you in the form of single words, you simply allow it to enter your consciousness.

Owners of Apple devices can choose the service that will still read the texts aloud. Web browser Sprint uses a technology of speed reading Spritz created by American developers. Spritz shows words, highlighting the color of individual letters “clinging” to which opinion faster perceives the whole word without changing the focus point. And if you don’t have time even for such a reading, the browser will announce interest texts.

Another iOS app has all the features of the simulator. Accelerate Speed Reading Trainer is a course of fast reading on mobile, system of learning, testing, personal statistics, theoretical explanations and downloads his library of electronic books.

A very convenient technology for fast reading Reedy created by a team. She is open-source and distributed under a free license, exists in the form of extensions for Google chrome and Android apps. Reedy is different from other RSVP services in several aspects.

First, you can see the context during the pause (and the inability to see the context — an important issue when reading using similar technology). While reading you see a scrollbar, which shows your location in the text.

Second, the text analyzer Reedy does not break into separate words sustainable design, a little slow on compound words and punctuation, adds a pause at the end of the sentence. Analysis functions can be configured.

Another customizable feature that can make reading more comfortable and efficient — slow acceleration and viewing the text.

Reedy the developers claim that their app makes it easy to read even literary texts, especially if you have developed a quick creative thinking.

All of these services can be used for training of perception of written text in a foreign language. A big plus of such trainings is that you can gradually build up speed without noticeable strain.

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Read it slowly

Using digital devices can be implemented quite a different strategy of reading, which suggests that you are not in a hurry and want to dive as deep as possible in the context of a work. Using hyperlinks and review any text becomes a multidimensional space. You can create it yourself using such a service, such as And you can access ready-made “extended” works.

So, the app “Live pages”, developed by Samsung Electronics, turns a literary work into a whole encyclopedia of culture and history. However, the format is only tested on one piece — the novel of Leo Tolstoy “War and peace”. The developers seem to have taken into account all the difficulties faced by students when it comes to this epic. The app allows you to immediately see the translation of foreign phrases, and provides links to the description of historical events and helps to understand the twists and turns of fate heroes of the novel. You can choose the actors and see when and under what circumstances they overlap, what they have in common. All the events of the four volumes are displayed on a single line of time, it helps to combine in the imagination of the historical period and literary narrative.

Interesting and diverse development strategies of reading on digital devices are encouraging that this kind of pastime, no matter what technology, is not going to go into the past.

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