How to find a teacher Part 2

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Get inspired and copy

Sometimes to the person from whom you wanted to learn, to reach almost impossible: because of its popularity, the employment of expensive formal training. But you can learn, not even maintaining two-way communication with man. You can be inspired by his actions, copy the first stage and then work with it yourself. Often see how an expert can and does with no money — thanks to the online and the trend of publicity. A few words about why people would be willing to teach.

Linear formal education for a long time doing its job. On the one hand, this gave rise to a request to study certain things that soon became a business. For example, to find professional English teachers who will be willing to work with you for free, it’s hard — just because everyone is used to buy and sell learning the language.

On the other hand, this has led to the loss of meaning in compulsory education. The students sit “with glass eyes”, teachers often have to use compulsion. And many of them would be happy to teach genuinely interested student with a burning look! Glass eyes — not a healthy sign.

Each of us loves to learn and share their experiences if the topic we are truly passionate about. In my opinion, it is natural to man. I saw a teenager who asked a successful entrepreneur about consultation; and saw 70-year-old grandfather, who studied the development of a website of the student. In both cases, teaching was not a profession, “teachers” was not in it and tuition fees — but it was some of the best teachers and students.

Many of the projects on which I worked included engaging speakers, experts and trainers from different fields, and almost always this can be done for free. A real expert on a certain stage of development always comes to the desire to share your expertise with others.

In this place, for me it is even more than on education. It seems to me that “to teach each other and learn from each other” is fundamentally different from high demands of the modern world a form of relationship between people. Relations of horizontal, non-institutional, very natural, based on deep trust and willingness to help and share, unlike commodity exchange logic. Therefore, the shift to this style of education, I see it as a strong lever of change for the whole society.

However, even without the lyrics this education is not available through online courses, construction of schools and new tax reforms.

You get access to it when you realize that education is not a social guarantee of the state or a service; that it is impossible “to” impossible “to buy”; it can find, to reach, to invent, to build — always on relationships with specific people.

Find these people and infect their motivation, interest and fascination, do not forget to share your experience with the same students that appeal to you. Believe me, not everything is ruled by money. Much more powerful are the senses.

Create the environment

Use online. In today’s world in almost all spheres of passionate people come together in movements and communities around the world thanks to the Internet. Want to plunge into a new field? Make sure that among the visitors to the information you had less memes and empty news, but more of what is happening in the field of your interest.

Start with filtering your news feeds, search thematic groups and the right people (early adopters). As you descend it will become clear which groups live and which are not; who publishes useful information and who is just self-promotion. Add to this the forums, thematic websites and mailings and get good information setting.

Create a good information environment — and you’ll always wonder.

In all communities there are active discussions, polls, discussion — begin to participate in them. But it is important not to push yourself to “information poisoning” is when you per day have signed up for 33 and distribution group, pause between notifications decreased to 5 minutes, unread letters began to crawl down, and after 2 days you threw it all away.

Visit events and parties. Today you can choose for every taste: conferences, forums, seminars, workshops, lectures, gatherings. Many of them are free. If you live in a major city, the lack of will not be exact. Such events are interesting and their content, but their main advantage is that they allow you to enter into the community of professionals. After a number of visits you will begin to notice individuals and to distinguish casual visitors from people whose opinion is heeded. Parties of interest is not a useless pastime.

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Try to get to know the person you are interested in, discuss what you want to learn and why it is important for you. And then ask them to suggest contacts of other people who may interest you (and which may be of interest to you). From this point begins the magic, and your professional network will expand, but don’t forget about the benefits that you can bring to these people. Remember: we receive by giving.

Log in to the professional community. A serious “party” often outgrow the stage group in Facebook, organize their own community and initiate projects on his behalf. Within the community line up more closely, there is more deep information, often the participants relate to each other with a greater level of trust and respect. It is normal to ask a stranger a question or for help, simply referring to this community. In my life, I many times went to the right people immediately with a “warm contact” with the simple phrase, “Hello, I am a graduate of AIESEC”. Even if we worked in this organization with a gap of 10 years and a few thousand kilometers. Community of fans may well develop into a professional community.

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