How to find a teacher Part 1

If you have already put fear aside and are ready to start learning something new in her N years, it is time to address the issue of finding a mentor.

Those from whom we learn, properly called our teachers, but not everyone who teaches us deserves this name.

I pay a teacher, but teaching my son his classmates.

In a previous article we understood what objection, stereotypes and misconceptions stop us from being able to take education into their own hands. It is time to move from words to deeds.

Remember, one of the objections was the need for teacher? So, I really think that finding a teacher begins self-education. Only the range of choices much broader than we used to think.

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Find a teacher

One of the most loyal and intense ways to learn the good old method of apprentices. You can find a professional in the business that really owns the necessary knowledge/skills. The essence of such training is that you work directly together with the master (and it is not necessary to be a teacher). Starting with a simple operation, you benefit from not only knowledge and technology, but also of looking at things, professional intuition, a way of life.

That’s why I think it’s important that you shared with the master of some common values (for example, there is a cool Director, who can learn. But if you want to use a movie to help people to think, and he is in it for the money… However, the choice is yours).

Consider what it is you want to learn, and what you can offer. It’s not only about money: you can offer help, mutual learning, even the fire in his eyes as a strong motivator. A little more about that later.

Examples of such training are still numerous: based on this educational model Swaraj University is based on this volunteer work.

If you live and work hand in hand with the master is too radical for you, you can use the now fashionable mentoring. The main difference in regularity: a mentor (preceptor) with some regularity helps, advises, supports, and answering questions. Often this can be done even remotely. It is important that the mentor was genuinely interested in your traffic (because it usually does not directly affect his work). It can be a person from the professional sphere or a completely different field, but a wise man, “pedagogical soul”.

Must mentor less specifically looking for, because your mutual connection. But be open to see the mentor in another, and the student himself. And don’t be afraid to directly ask about it. In the last 10 years, mentoring has turned into a business service. But this is not the only option. All my friends who can call someone a real mentor, not associated with commercial relations.

Sometimes you still need to find a “classical” teacher. That is, to agree with someone that it will take you directly to teach. Again, the typical option is to work with people who offer their services in training: now full of sites of Tutors, consultants, etc. But sometimes you can find someone who even thought to teach, and ask about this possibility. When I was in India, I just asked a friend to teach me Hindi and I taught him how to play the guitar.

There are two key differences from teachers whom you will meet, say, at the University. First, you find and choose the person with the necessary competence, experience, teaching style — this is your opportunity to influence the quality.

Second, instead of working according to the standard program teachers, you can accurately formulate a request – what exactly do you want to learn. I could not move in musical improvisation until, before I break this goal into specific educational requests: to learn the basics of solfege, okay, learn how to disassemble existing compositions from the standpoint of musical theory…

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Finding a Teacher with a capital letter is a special case.

A separate case — the search of a Teacher (Yes, with capital letters). We are talking about the man that will move you at the deepest level of thinking, understanding, peace, spirituality. In traditional Indian culture it was realized in the relationship of guru and disciple, in the ancient schools of martial arts masters, in Greece in the time of Socrates, in the dialogues of the philosopher; but this practice has not disappeared in the modern world. Such Teachers can meet in the person of a wise leader, priest, philosopher, parent.

So, if you see something you need a teacher right now do three things:

  • Determine what exactly you want to learn (as accurately and narrowly);
  • Create a verbal portrait of his teacher;
  • Write people best suited under the portrait (regardless of whether they teach). Now try to agree about teaching. You will be surprised.

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