How to enhance the spelling in your essays Part 3

On the Internet you can find hundreds of online tests that will help you to develop the skill of spelling in the English language. We recommend you to go through them from time to time to track your progress and please the grammar nazi inside.

Play the game right

Learning English should be fun. And to make it so will help with a variety of educational online games. They can be used in between exercises, so you are a little distracted and at the same time continue to learn English.

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Practice, practice and again practice

“Always write, write everywhere” — with this motto, we need to work on spelling. To learn how to drive a car, you need as often as possible to get behind the wheel, and to write correctly, as often as possible to sit down and write. Try to do different recordings in English, you can practice:

When doing homework, write or type it, not just tick the answers in the textbook. The case is time consuming, but will pay off handsomely. Liked the interesting quote or idiom in English? Do not copy it to your computer and print manual.

Choose an interesting book or blog on the Internet. Daily overwrite 1-2 pages of text, and word for word. This is one of the most boring but also the most effective methods of improving spelling.

More ideas about where to practice, you will find the article “How to learn to write English properly”.

Work with Microsoft Word

“Good” Microsoft Word corrects almost all of our flaws. Use an automatic spell checker not only for its intended purpose, but also for learning. As soon as you see that the program has corrected a word, erase it and write manually the correct option. This will increase the time you work with the document, but would be a useful exercise to improve English spelling.

Use the reception of the school

Remember when we made a mistake in dictation, the teacher made us write the word 5-10 times. He did this not out of spite, as we always thought, but in order to keep our memory firmly fixed to the correct spelling of the word. Try doing the same with English words, as soon as made a mistake, take a notebook and write the concept correctly a few times. Performing this exercise, you include operation of the mechanical memory, and this greatly facilitates the memorization of the word.

Little trick: Many linguists suggest to abandon capital letters. They recommend to print the word on the keyboard or write it in block letters. During the experiments it turned out that the printed letters have clear shape, so the brain is easier to remember the spelling. As for capital letters, the handwriting is different, and in fact, every time we write a letter a little differently. This complicates the perception of information.

Use eidetism

Eidetism — photographic memory, which is responsible for remembering visual images. Use it when learning new words. Look carefully at it, try to memorize the shape, the order of the letters, then close your eyes and try to imagine it. You have a memory of going to the visual image of a new concept. At the same time say that these sounds associated you with specific correct spelling. Follow these steps with each iteration, then the exercise will quickly bear fruit.

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Use effect Restorff

The effect is: the best place for us to remember information that stands out from the crowd. How to make the word memorable? Select it from other words in the literal sense — with a pen or bright colored font on the computer. The brain will allocate that information from the rest of the words and remember. Remember, because in school we were forced to do likewise: vocabulary words we spew colored pens. Maybe our teachers have not heard about this effect, but understand intuitively that the eyes will “cling” to the bright words and remember them.

A little trick: Foreign psychologists advise not to just highlight the word and write each letter a different color. Time to write will take longer to work with the concept you will be longer, so you will remember it faster. Definitely try to practice this simple exercise.

As you could see, to be literate is simple: should make little effort and you can consider yourself a fighter for the spelling. We gave a lot of advice, so we suggest to choose the most simple and convenient for you to try to use them on a daily basis, then the spelling of English words will no longer seem difficult to you. And remember to be literate and fashion!

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