How to be in demand in 2025? Part 2

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Mercedes recently released the cars that passed on the autobahn 300 km without drivers. Man there are fewer places in industry and logistics. Programming is one of the islets of conditional security. Here in the heart of man, though everything is not so simple.

More than 15 years of digitization — now everyone has a gadget in his pocket. In 2008 (although there is evidence that before) coined the term big data (Big Data). This area currently receiving much attention in industry and education. All the information collected by the gadgets to perform. It is now very much lumped, but so far it is not clear what to do with it.

In terms of marketing big data is convenient: for example, the vehicle may predict when the brake pads. He knows that you will soon go from Moscow in Peter, because regularly choose this route, and will offer the service to you are stuck in the way. On the other hand, the question arises about the security of personal data.

The profession as such will disappear. Situation when you become a librarian and they will die in 15 years will not be, and will be in demand key skills. For your luck you need a flexible mind and a flexible attitude.

To learn new things have literally every year. To look, to wonder, to react quickly in order not to live up on welfare.

The spheres are woven into each other: medicine and biology, IT is literally everywhere. Some time programming will have to own and humanists, but then again, everything will change. Programs will themselves be programmed, and after 25 years again will increase the need for historians, philosophers, writers.

The most important for a person’s creative thinking, in-demand unique ideas and an extensive set of skills. We will draw this world to robots could calculate and write, and people will be creative.

A growing number of vacancies in the field “construction real estate”. Continuing urban growth, developing infrastructure increases the request for different kinds of engineers and builders.

Change key requirements of employers, the attention is translated into soft skills (flexible, non-technical skills: responsible for successful participation in the working process and performance) and personal qualities of the applicant.

Many professions will become obsolete. In the near future there will be many new interdisciplinary subspecialties: living systems designer, curator, creative state, and many others.

Now more than 50% of students dissatisfied in their chosen profession. It is necessary to change the approach to career guidance and begin to work with children even from an early age.

Medical education now in crisis, a distinct lack of intelligent teachers. Ought everywhere to enter a separate discipline, instilling the skill of communication with patients. “He’s a wonderful surgeon, but a bastard, which explains nothing” should be equated to “he’s a fine surgeon, but do not know how to sew the skin”. We run this course in the “graduate school of Oncology”, also has one. In any University there is no such.

It is important to organize the residents so that seniors taught elementary courses. The best people to digest information when you have to explain it to others.

Worst of all, when the child chose the wrong profession and suffering, and eventually becomes an inveterate drunkard. Like walks in the shoes the wrong size the rest of your life. Better to find a profession, let it be not so heroic as it seemed: not an astronaut, and a shoemaker, but people will be absolutely happy.

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For biotechnology the future is better than IT. In the 90s, science was badly damaged, was unpopular. Adult professionals little. The average age of our employees is 30 years. 35 % of scientists: chemists, biologists, mathematicians. We recruit scientific personnel from universities, and we have a good understanding of the scientific potential of the country.

The city has a strong pharmaceutical cluster. Specialists are very necessary! Out of the country chemists, technologists for the development of new drugs, studies, specialists in the creation of libraries of antibodies, synthetic chemistry. The patent does not exist in any field, especially in biotechnology and IT, and those who register medicines. These people are in great demand in the country and in the world.

Career-oriented conferences should be held often. In place of the parents, I would be looking for. Many may not know about the existence of a particular profession, because they are from a different generation. Parents should be aware of to understand what in principle is happening in the world, which occupations become obsolete, and what the future.

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