How to be in demand in 2025? Part 1

Abstracts authoritative experts on trends in the labor market of the future. We recorded the most interesting predictions shared by the speakers.

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Culture and creative economy

Why not just learn the art remotely? Higher education is an environment, a language in which you speak. For youth is more important, not from whom they learn and with whom: “Oh, I remember we were with you, come on think of something!”.

Our grandmothers and mothers knew “how to”. Now a single way. In the last 15-20 years appear the flexibility and diversity of scenarios. For creative people, who did not, there are a million possibilities. Look around, it is the ability to see the movement and distinguishes the creative person.

The producer is not enough of a vocational education: a producer or journalist. Need to know your area. If you are interested in music, exercise it, if the movie is similar. The producer is a set of tools.

Explore your environment must already 14-15 years old. Go to the theater for any position, anyone: for example, costume designer. You will be happy. You should be well aware of this world, to understand comfortable will get you there.

How do we choose from the abundance of people who will be able to work? There are things that are not taught. What — open eyes, as the man looks at you. How open you opened the case. Further, adequate response, responsibility, mobility, ability to establish human contact.

To succeed, you just need to move slowly to the goal: learn by video, start to do something, to create. It’s simpler than it seems. Internet and graphic software gives today a lot of opportunities. If the child felt their passion, I realized the truth about himself, he will actively seek information to try and will succeed.

If the little man is starting to vlog, don’t say that he’s stupid. After all, he is a modern man. After a year, he can start to earn in times more than his parents, as does the progressive demand.

Events such as this Congress, the children need to understand that there is interesting, new, to find out who’s doing what. Our journey in the advertising industry could go a lot faster if someone gave us important simple tips and told my parents that we needed to maintain a natural predisposition of children.

A good programmer should always be on a knife edge and follow the innovations. The most important logic. While developing, you can eventually move into the management sector, when you already own a lot of things and help to develop others, set the tone. The rise in programming is quite easy, the transition to the business too. Don’t need a monetary investment. You create the product, and if people like him, then grows into a full-fledged business.

Automation and robotics has been long and continuing. In factories, these processes are faster than in private conditions: room size unknown, carpet, floor, litter. It is unclear how this should work smart cleaner. The less defined are the conditions for the robot, the harder it to work. Now the factory is aimed at developing self-driving cars.

It is possible and necessary to develop a child already at a very young age. Three years can give a basic robot to develop logic.

The first will not need the drivers, then — sellers, hairdressers. Of the more difficult professions — doctors, lawyers, accountants. Today to hear this strange, but sooner or later it will happen. Will be to invest in areas with high turnover: medicine, for example.

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