How education evolve Part 1

As people invented the school system and why are unable to cope with raising and training a forces family? Mankind has long needed a school as a social institution. So when the coup took place? And what was he bound? How is the school ever since and been able to achieve? For answers to these questions, we went to the lecture “the evolution of education”.

The lecture was held in the cultural and educational space Ohta Lab in the new course “6 lectures on the evolution of everything”. Present you with the best theses.

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The place of education in the system of evolution

The basic principle of evolution that is referenced at the beginning of his lecture, head of the Department of biological evolution, faculty of biology: “Evolution is non-random pinning random changes in the imprecise process of self-copying system. If the system meets these conditions, it will evolve.”

We learn to speak, developing the profession and skills by copying each other, built on this principle the whole of human culture. From this point of view, the educational system fits into the evolutionary cultural process. However, many perceive education very touch and clear: as the state system of passing students through a set of defined standards, compliance with which must be thoroughly examined.

“Mandatory training young people in classes preparing for exams is one of the universal traditions, the merits of which no one questioned. We take for granted that it is a process of learning. But a little reflection on our own experiences show that there are many other ways of learning. We are trained in the process of reading, observation, imitation, creation, we learn, being in a group and alone. However, almost none of the methods up and getting information is called education.”

Matt Ridley, “Evolution”

In fact, education is a function derived from the era. Indeed, when we criticize school reform, we forget that the era of constantly changing, and education is certainly. Permanent reform of education is the norm, because the request is always behind, and always a few requests. For example, today is request and for the preservation and modernization at the same time.

Best of all laws of compliance of the educational systems of the era were dismantled by the American sociologist Alvin Toffler in his acclaimed book “the Third wave”. Toffler divided the global process of human development into three waves: the agricultural, industrial, and postindustrial.

In the era of the first, or agricultural wave, when the basis of life on Earth was agriculture, the needs in education simply did not exist. There was no such thing as school and childhood and social institutions replaced the traditional Patriarchal family. It contained a full cycle of life, as a nursery, kindergarten, school, higher education institution, factory, trade school and even a funeral home.

To give one’s children was not profitable: the farm required workforce, not educated boys and girls.

Special interest in education was not of the nobility and aristocracy. Any attempt to introduce education on the Western model ended in the absolute profanation. For example, the Moscow University, which was in fact donated in 1755, had (and has still) nothing to do with Western universities, which were formed more as a Union of students who hired teachers for their learning.

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