Helpful tools for teachers Part 2

On the wall you can place blocks of text, pictures, videos from YouTube. All changes are saved online automatically. The privacy wall is highly configurable: you can invite collaborators to a few people, and can make it open to change the world.

Teachers who have long loved this tool, to share ideas about how to use it. Here are some options: create a shared wall for posting reviews on the books; make a wall of thanks or congratulations; adjust the virtual plane of the forum. You can use the wall and for less global challenges. For example, invite children to discuss the play list, the next school disco.

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Sleek graphic design with Canva

Service Canva need to recommend to all from young to old. It will help teachers to build a visual infographic that looks worse than the professional, and the students will be pleased to open not hateful PowerPoint, and very friendly website with ready-made templates, cute illustrations, a set of visual elements and pictures. To make something ugly in Canva is possible only if you select elements with your eyes closed. The service is free, but you can also buy collections and items (without which, by the way, it is possible to do with the ability to upload your own image).

Even the poster of the information can be on the knee to make templates.

Vialogues is a free service that allows you to lead an online discussion around the video

To work with Vialogues just. Upload videos to the site (or choose a video from YouTube) to complement the description of the video, refer to the discussion questions, set privacy, and share with those who want to involve in the discussion. The moderator has the ability to leave comments and questions to specific sections of a video.

Leave your comments and questions to specific sections of a video

Create educational videos with Zaption and Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is consonant with the philosophy of Apple: the less the user has the choice, the less opportunity to make mistakes

These two tools will help you create a lesson for posting online based on videos and photographs. With Zaption, you can work online from any device, free or PRO account with enhanced functionality. Adobe Voice is designed for the iPad and essentially free (in addition, offers more design options thousands of free icons and images). “Highlight” Zaption — the ability to use interactive elements (polls, quizzes, etc.). Adobe Voice relies on the ease of use and pretty predictable from the point of view of the design result. And most importantly — you can easily record a voice commentary to videos or photos.

Draw comics

You can bet on anything: offer to draw a comic for history class will invigorate the most distant desks. Pixton is a tool for creating comics “on the knee”. The basic free version offered here to choose a ready location and use up to three characters. You can illustrate lessons comics, and can give guys the original job.

This collection presents 9 services to create Chronicles. Creating the Chronicles is not only the placement of historical events in a time sequence. It is a way to organize a variety of information. Modern services allow you to place in chronological order, videos, photos, texts. Some of them can be used to create entire reports. A good way original and to visualize the training material or share the valuable skill of sequencing with the students.

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