Games and apps for physics lovers Part 2

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“Algodoo creates a new synergy between science and art,” reads the inscription on one of the pages of the game. Algodoo is a unique 2D platformer simulation of physical experiments from Algoryx Simulation AB. By using cartoon images and interactive tools Algodoo allows you to create amazing inventions, to develop games for use in the classroom or special experiments for laboratory classes in physics. In the process of their and the creation of various mechanisms the players can use fluids, springs, hinges, motors, light rays, various indicators, optics and lenses. Modeling different designs and changing the settings, players will learn about friction, refraction, gravity, etc. For beginners on the website provides a detailed guide and also created a Youtube channel where you can watch dozens of videos on the topic. For Windows and Mac is available free version of the game, the iPad app costs $4.99.

Autodesk ForceEffect

Autodesk ForceEffect – app for engineers who are involved in various kinds of design. With Autodesk ForceEffect, you can do engineering calculations right on your mobile device. This greatly facilitates design work at the stage of concept creation, as it instantly identifies the viability of the design. However, the application will be interesting for those who would like to learn how different forces affect objects. Such enthusiasts instead of the scheme homes for the experiment, you can take a regular bike and based on his photo to conduct a series of experiments that will show how much load it can handle and that affects the balance of the bike. Especially nice that the app is free and available for free for Android, iOS.

Video Physics

Video Physics app from Vernier Software & Technology, which allows you to do motion analysis of physical bodies based on the video. All that is needed from the user to upload a video, mark the frame-by-frame moving object to adjust the screen size. After that, the app will build the trajectory of the object and calculate its speed. With Video Physics, you can calculate the speed of the swing, roller coaster, car, soccer ball – whatever, if only to change the position of the object in space. In General, Video Physics would be useful not only in physics classes but mathematics. In the App Store application cost is about $4,69.


iCircuit is an easy – touse simulator, which allows all fans of physics experiment with electrical circuits. The advanced simulation engine allows you to work with analog and digital circuits, signal processing. iCircuit easy to use and similar to other CAD-programs: the user adds elements, connects them together and sets the necessary properties. But iCircuit is unlike other CAD programs is in continuous simulation mode. No need to stop to constantly make additional measurements or settings. There are over 30 elements you can use in the process of building schemes. There’s everything from resistors and switches to logic gates and MOS structures. In addition, the application has a multimeter that allows you to explore the schema and check the voltage and the current in them. Detailed guidance is given on the website – but still only in English. The app is available for PC, Mac and Linux, iPad and Android. The cost of the app varies within 4-10 months.

Power Toy

Power Toy is very similar to Algodoo, but the emphasis shifted towards the study of pressure, temperature, and a countless number of interactions between different substances. Mechanics is left behind and the attention of players Power Toy fall nuclear reaction, processes occurring in the volcanoes, the construction and subsequent destruction of nuclear power plants, etc. the Game is available for free for PC, Mac and Linux, so today you can look into the heart of a nuclear explosion.

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Tear-able Cloth

Tear-able Cloth – it’s not even an app, it’s a Javascript code that models the physics of fabrics. With corrections in code you can experiment with gravity and density, thereby changing the properties of the tissue by stretching or tearing it. However, to play with the fabric will fail, and those who are not very versed in the codes: to influence matter with the help of the right mouse button.

Sixty Symbols

Another site – Sixty Symbols is dedicated to symbols that are used in physics. The founders of the University of Nottingham collected 60 symbols that represent different concepts, and in a short but very entertaining and informative video, explained that each of these symbols means. From these presentations you will learn why the football ball: David James often change the trajectory, is the secret of Brazil nut as the Feigenbaum constant help in understanding of chaos, or even what was the nature of Isaac Newton. All concepts and phenomena, scientists talk in an accessible form, using improvised materials. Alas, explanations are presented in English only.

As you can see, there are plenty to choose. Do you study this subject, whether teaching physics, or just sorry that have not learned the basic position of science, which reveals the fundamental laws of nature that today can be fun and playful to catch up.

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