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We talked about how to quickly and efficiently learn English words. Time to learn about the pitfalls of English grammar. Based on my experience, we have compiled a list of sites that cool her to practice.

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Pros: the website from British Council where you can read the rules in English, and practice grammar by selecting the desired category. The website has other useful information and games in English and preparation for exams.

Cons: the website is positioned as intended for all levels, but it is completely in English.

Grammarly Blog

Pros: interesting and detailed blog on the topic of grammar from the popular service Grammarly. You can find a lot of useful information on the topic of grammar, writing and modern slang.

Cons: no work on the consolidation rules.


Pros: cool site from a team of teachers with video explanations and exciting manner of presentation of grammar rules. There are exercises to consolidate and breakdown by topic.

Cons: the site is entirely in English, so some details will have to clarify with the help of dictionaries.


Pros: the site is conveniently divided into categories: nouns, verbs, prepositions and other grammar topics. On the website you can also find video tutorials and if you don’t have constant Internet access, jobs, and rules can be downloaded to your PC or phone.

Cons: the site can seem complicated for beginners to learn English.


Pros: here are the rules, examples and exercises, as well as the division into levels of difficulty. A distinctive feature of this resource — after each topic there is an example of the use rules are not just in the sentence, and in a literary text.

Cons: quite complicated even for users with a high level of knowledge of the language.

For experts


Pros: very well-known website with a separate section on grammar. Will be useful to anyone who already has good English and wants to understand its specific aspects and nuances on this website, but you can get the answer from the most qualified professionals.

Cons: no job consolidation rules, the site is entirely in English.


Pros: the website also needs no introduction. Here you can learn about English grammar and about the individual cases of the use of certain vocabulary.

Cons: the website provides only reference information, no exercises to consolidate.

English @ Stack Exchange

Pros: the site is often used by many teachers. The nuances of grammar, usage frequency of certain words, modern slang, or the origins and pronunciation — this and more can be found here.

Cons: also no jobs on the consolidation rules, it is necessary to view all comments to see the correct answer.

We hope that the above resources will help you master difficult English grammar. Continue to comprehensively learn English: words, grammar, writing and conversational practice and live chat. This approach will help to master the language much faster than studying of its separate aspects. We wish you good luck in training and welcome your comments!

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