Educational Technologies

Scientific progress does not stand still. Here we will show you some modern tools for more effective education.

How education evolve Part 3

Maria Montessori, Italy. Basic ideas of Montessori: the independence of the student – the child learns himself, and the adult serves as a helper; freedom within established boundaries – instead of the traditional classes – a specially organized space in which the student organizes as he wants himself; “learning through discovery”: to work with the […]

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Contemporary tech in education Part 2

And as an example of successful innovation, we want to bring a few so called “New schools” of the twentieth century, to focus on that part of the reason we can even today. “New school” of the twentieth century. To name just a few examples of such schools. “School for life, through life” Was opened in […]

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Contemporary tech in education Part 1

Training, constituting among the primary way of improvement of the individual character in conditions that are interpersonal, should maintain speed as time passes, i.e. susceptible to development and change that meet with up with the requirements of culture in an epoch that is given. But provided the uncertainty, with a contemporary pedagogical technology Generally, to […]

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New technology for educators

Plickers is an app that allows you to instantly evaluate the answers of the whole class and to simplify the collection of statistics. We are accustomed to black-and-white squares of QR codes in advertising, which wants to send us to some site for further information and in various other printed materials, trying to link the […]

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An educative game for childrens

The project Osmo, a game for children which combines real world and virtual world. We now live in interesting times: digital technologies increasingly invade all aspects of our lives, including the upbringing and education of children. Now for the little ones (about older children and not talking) there are a large number of gaming and educational […]

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Modern ways to study biology and medicine Part 2

Biology It’s not even the app, is a pocket-sized tip, which presents short articles on key topics: “Cell”, “Root”, “Algae”, “insect Class”, “Division of fish”, “the Class mammals”, “Evolution of the animal world”, “An overview of the human body”, etc. Nothing new and amazing, but to repeat some lost in memory, the most fundamental thing […]

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