Educational Technologies

Scientific progress does not stand still. Here we will show you some modern tools for more effective education.

Leveraging new studying know-how in higher education

New improvements continue to redefine the position of data know-how in increased schooling. A current report from Gartner highlights a lot of essential applied sciences that may change the net schooling expertise for customers, and the administration and instructing aspect of issues for on-line faculties. Pupil Studying Know-how: Garner highlighted three applied sciences of direct […]

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Modern ways to study chemistry Part 2

Chem Lab I think another chemical laboratory? Do not guess! Chem Lab is a fun test that will test your knowledge of basic chemical formulas. The user is prompted to alternately perform 5 tasks (to pull in a test tube the necessary elements to produce a gas or connect a suitable substance, etc.). At the […]

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Modern ways to study chemistry Part 1

All the mysteries of the periodic table and the mysteries of chemical reactions in our selection of games and applications to the study of chemistry. Not so long ago we provided you with 13 games and applications for the study of physics. But that is not science, over the promotion of which today work for […]

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Amazing 3D anatomy

Service BioDigital created in order to help us to understand your body and show it to aesthetics at all levels. BioDigital is a platform that offers its users to plunge into a 3D journey through the human body: to consider the musculoskeletal system, to meet the nervous or circulatory system, structure, etc. Bright detailed visualization […]

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