Educational apps approved by teachers

A librarian from Connecticut made the list of the most useful educational apps according to the American teachers.

Account applications in the thousands and choose the best one to use in the class is represented by a quite complicated task. Michelle was Luhtala, head of school libraries in Connecticut, has collected experiences of teachers in the country about the different apps that you can use during training. Application got a lot, but the most convenient and functional was 74. Many apps are similar in function, but as Michelle says:

I wanted to be sure that we have a choice, because there is no application that is 100% better than all the rest.

Selected “Golden” apps offer many possibilities for teachers. In the original article, similar functions are grouped in sections, and they are given a small description.

Among others the list of the most interesting and user-friendly applications became known:

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Have luhtala says that many teachers use it as a place where you can save photos and then easily find them by hashtag.


This application, which is used around the world and will be useful not only for teachers. The ability to take notes and keep lists makes it convenient for any business.


The app allows you to keep notes, but in the form of pictures. The user to pin the image to their wall, then to be able to return to it. Teachers use it to share ideas and best practices with each other and parents.

Here are a few lesser-known apps:


For those who like to draw, do sketches and pencil sketches, the Paper app is a real gift. During operation, the user creates his notebooks:

And making notes in them as it is convenient: a color image or a black and white sketch:

The application is free but only available to iPad users.


This app is for anyone who loves to read and wants to share their experience with friends, colleagues and classmates. When reading “common” books, the reader can see comments from other users and make your mark. In the comments you can also insert pictures and videos. The app can be very convenient godsend for any teacher, but most of all, it will be appreciated a teacher of literature.

The app is free and available only to iPad users.


The app offers users to keep the training materials that they found on the Internet, pictures and videos that you can use in the classroom.

Your saved materials can be shared with students and colleagues. It is also possible to create your own videos.

The application can be used on any home computer. It’s free.

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In the app Kidblog, teachers can create a virtual classroom where students will keep blogs. However, in contrast to other popular venues for conducting online diaries, this resource is moderated by teachers, contains no ads and other distractions. Students can focus on writing their texts. Teachers who use this platform to say their students love it.

Maybe we should try, because the app is free and requires only a computer.


The app will be very entertaining for younger children. A fun and beautiful world of Chromville in danger: his city lose color!

The task of the child to save its inhabitants. It is very simple: you need to load a picture from the application, print it, and then paint.

After the drawing is ready, you need to send your electronic device (app available for Apple and Android) on the figure, and to rejoice, as the picture comes to life on the screen!

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