How to avoid plagiarism and work notes

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is called copying other people’s thoughts without reference to the author. According to some researchers, in modern student work contains about 50% of plagiarism in one form or another.

Often from the teachers you can hear the phrase like “It’s not an independent study, but a good compilation.” Under compilation and understood independent literature or scientific work, based on the combination of parts of others’ research or works.

For plagiarism, they lower the grade for work, make comments, express dissatisfaction, because, in essence, plagiarism is theft of other people’s thoughts. Imagine that you have come up with something new for a long time, create what nobody created. And someone took and deliberately assigned it something to himself. Is it pity, of course… In addition, plagiarism in the work – a sure sign that the author does not go into the essence of the case that he does.

Let me tell you, but what about the lecture? Theory of course or thesis? Of course, strange thoughts must necessarily be in writing, but they must:

  • have a link to the author;
  • to be to the place;
  • to be properly arranged.

At the same time, the application of the scientific idea, the plot, the theme of any other work, expressed in a different form, is not recognized as a plagiarism, since in this case the authors may come to different conclusions.

The temptation to “write off”, “rewrite”, “copy” some kind of work done by another author is extremely great. For example, the Internet network offers a huge selection of work on any topic and inquiries. It makes it possible, by matching pieces of the corresponding text, to merge them into a single file by tying the keywords. But an experienced teacher will always distinguish the text that was borrowed from the Internet, from the author’s text. Of course, as already emphasized in this book, use of Internet resources is not only possible but also necessary. But it is extremely important to remember that you cannot simply take any information from the global network: it must be appropriately redone and executed.

Thus, plagiarism in work is inadmissible. One must clearly remember the rule: if you use someone else’s opinion, a book, an article, you must necessarily make a footnote on it. Such kind of footnotes only will adorn the work, the teacher will definitely assess their presence positively. As a rule, work with plagiarism and without footnotes is evaluated as “unsatisfactory”. For quicker and more effective plagiarism check we recommend to use

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