Are we entering in the new era of totalitarism? Part 3

However, the main tool, which draws attention to the blockchain is a completely closed financial system, the bitcoin, the control of which is impossible by definition. In our country, bitcoin tried to ban at the legislative level, but now there is a rollback, which, among other things, associated with the inability of not only the administration, but a simple ban of a distributed network technologies by means of the usual regulation.

Viral attack, with which we began this material is cryptofirewall, which closes the access to the data on a personal computer and ready to open it again if the user pays the ransom. It is proposed to pay with bitcoin.

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Control, accounting, and firewall to guard the public interest

All of these challenges is more than real, they disturb not only public consciousness but also by the governments of national States and unions.

Responses do not differ by diversity, and most importantly — they are all teetering on the cut of the restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms. By the way, the right to access to the network today is declared as the inalienable privilege of a citizen of a civilized country.

So, the possible ways of control of the network is:

  • The total moderation of communities;
  • Formulation of network etiquette strictly in the format of executable rules of communication and behavior;
  • Full deanonymization with the introduction of universal Institute of personal reputation;
  • Strict segmentation of the network.

The latter is the most serious threat to the philosophy of Internet freedom, but without this step, all other methods of control are ineffective.

Today, there are several examples of creating models from segmented networks within the global. The most serious success demonstrates in this field of China.

Golden shield — the Chinese firewall, the most perfect system of censorship existing on the planet.

In China there is no Google (including mobile services the Android operating system), no Facebook, but there is their controlled counterparts. In the same way it wants to move and our political leadership, is clearly postulated in the strategy of development of the network.

“Golden shield” is China’s Great Wall the digital age. I wonder how will be protected in the future, the objects of digital cultural heritage?

The Internet is great, it is smaller in the Chinese segment, but it can go on the self. Yes, isolation, and creation of the notorious (national in form and content a closed network, operating in strict accordance with the ideological and moral ideals of the country’s leadership under the close supervision of the relevant authorities) — the process is very expensive and hardly feasible at the current level of economic development.

But the idea is daring and ambitious, to go to it for many years, the main thing — to choose and agree on the direction. Let the basic infrastructure and will be controlled from overseas, the rules in the system can be changed arbitrarily.

Is it possible to make a clear and informed choice in the scheme of freedom vs. security?

Everyone can at least try to answer this question, if the problem seems to be correct. In any case, the global network is another model of society, so clear recipes “happiness for all for nothing” it simply does not exist, and the problem of reduction of the influence of social networking and electronic media on people rests on the issue of restricting freedom of expression and pervasive censorship.

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One of the most serious threats to the public interest from the spread and the growing influence of social networking and electronic media is trying to stop this spread and to weaken the influence of the Juggernaut era figures.

Remarkable fact: crypto firewall, which we mentioned, was not entirely created by hackers, the system of its distribution has been derived from posted in open access instrumentation of the American National Security Agency. It was created in the framework of the organization, whose motto is full disclosure of user data to law enforcement agencies to combat the manifestations of crime and terrorism. Unveiled this system, people who believe in the inadmissibility of global control. And used it common crooks.

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