Are we entering in the new era of totalitarism? Part 2

The influence of opinion polls on election results is a thing studied and seemed clear, but the recent elections in the US just illustrate the fact that the polls and imposed through a network of “majority opinion” does not guarantee success.

Win Donald Trump has occurred not because, but in spite of developments in the digital world, the predictions of the reputable communities. This means that the increasing presence of people in network communication has not reached the threshold value.

Otherwise, the gap of expectations and reality would not be so striking.

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Inciting ethnic and religious hatred

In a world where freedom of speech is considered almost a basic human right, this concept requires further interpretation. As with Orwell’s animals are equal, but some are more equal, freedom of speech means the right to make any arguments in defense of the principles that are valid to the discussion under the legislation or social contract. To talk freely only about things that “can” speak. More accurately articulate does not make sense, understanding of the facets of the permissible is happening on the level of education and cultural codes generated by it.

Outright stupidity, manipulation of the facts (Fake news), calls for violence are unacceptable in the “completely free” media. But this does not mean that cave or politically biased views will simply disappear from people’s consciousness, ceasing to appear on the pages of Newspapers and in television broadcast.

The issue of fakes. Flying penguins from the BBC — a cute example of an April fool’s joke. But can we be sure that the audience of this movie in social networks and then see the movie exposing? Or they believe in this fake?

This negative going drop in social networks. Underlying their activities, the principles of minimum censorship, guarantee the right to be heard by not only people, thinking outside of the recognized public moral context, but whole organizations.

Please note: this activity is good and right minorities. An extremely important opportunity to speak and to hear any, even absurd in its Orthodoxy or frankly opinions.

Freedom is not just nice words — freedom is either there or it is not. The restrictions will not kill you disagree, can handle only education and the economy welfare, but even they do not guarantee unanimity. Variability — the key of the evolutionary movement.

Commercialization of the network

The Internet and social networks is not the only area of thought and creativity, it is also a huge technical infrastructure. Its maintenance and development require enormous financial costs. In our days the global network can not only provide for themselves but also attracted huge venture capital investments, ensuring profit percentage, who never dreamed of a traditional business.

The age of information technology means the direct conversion of space information in financial flows. Primary resource network virtual reality becomes data (data).

Post-industrial economy is the maximum degree of abstraction values. The main human simulacrum — money — now not tied to metal, Bank guarantees or other security. It’s just ones and zeros.

Queen of data — targeted advertising that can make a specific user the most relevant offer, to persuade him to buy and to ensure a safe transaction, making the marketing of art and turning any business plans in the most liquid enterprise.

Advertising permeates the entire network. The first breakthrough was the formulation of the principles of contextual impressions in the initial stages of development of Google.

Merchants no longer need to knock on your door. You get in your browser.

Today, the main trend is native advertising, commercial data, issued on a common information basis, as the Board, opinions or simply cut off from the sale of the story whose essence is to hint the user that to achieve happiness is to vote money for a particular product or service.

The success of online advertising is directly related to the amount of personal information about the consumer is owned by the manufacturer and his advertising Department. The less privacy the more money.

Growth in the segment of e-Commerce so rapid and unstoppable, sooner or later will give rise to a protest movement that goes beyond the network. New anti-consumerism already issued in the framework of social movements, particularly in the field of defending the right to information, which is opposed to the interests of copyright owners.

Writers create books for donations and then distribute for free (Peter watts), the largest manufacturers lay out the technical documentation for their expertise in the network under an open license (Elon Musk). But not far off the time when this trend will take a much more aggressive traits, the process has already started in the Darknet (segment “gray” network, guaranteeing complete anonymity to users and providers of services).

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Deprived of their traditional funding, the participants of such movements are looking for profits outside the law (Silk Road and others), and thus represent a danger to the public. And it’s not a potential threat, it is a working business model that, in particular, have led to a paradigm shift in this criminal sector of the economy, trafficking in drugs, prohibited for free circulation.

Another direction is the blockchain, the technology for distributed storage and data management. Part of it is incorporated into the existing interstate practice management and financial services. A typical example is the separate principles of organization of e-government (Estonia), part of the blockchain schemes are now being implemented in a rather closed countries such as Saudi Arabia.

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