Apps for those who love logic and engineering

This selection will allow you to intelligently pass the time buried in a mobile phone.

When the hand of boredom again be pulled to the smartphone, we suggest you remember high school geometry to get a couple of puzzles and practice account in binary.

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Euclidea — geometric puzzle

You only have a sheet of paper, the ruler and compass. And 120 tasks whose complexity grows like a snowball.

Solve problems in the minimum number of moves — get the “starlets” and additional features. Some tasks require finding multiple solutions, so it will have to incorporate engineering thinking to complete.

The game is available for Android and iOS, you can play in a browser on a computer.

Transmission — create your own information network

The creators of the game to escape from social and other digital networks that have entangled our life and practice in the creation of his own.

The game is developed by the London Science Museum in support of the gallery “information age” that talks about how life has changed humanity over the last 200 years with the development of information and communication technologies. While playing, you are not just joining a network of geometric shapes — senders and recipients — but also familiar with the construction of the networks from the Telegraph to the world wide web.

Your task is to create a “working” system optimal effort. As always, little extra steps — more “stars” in the Bank.

Separate “cherry” in the game is the atmospheric music composed by the young composer David Kangai, who has already managed to receive the Award of the British Academy in video games. David believes that music in video games should not be just background, and the interactive support of your actions. To understand how this is real time Transmission.

Game in the Google Play and App Store.

Heatos — of the energy puzzle

According to the developers, Heatos both challenges and helps to relax, but also develops logic and efficiency of thinking.

Your task is to deal with the cold, leaving the field only red cells with “positive temperature”. To do this, they need to “melt” the cold blue of the cell, considering the sum of the temperatures of both, and the fact that the motion in the empty field of the red cells lose a unit of energy. With increasing complexity, the game has a thermal bombs and other special effects.

Game in the Google Play and App Store.

Binary — computing in the binary system for flexibility convolutions

To think like a computer — it is literally to operate with binary numbers that you are offered to do in this game. You should solve the problem in the binary and hexadecimal systems, quickly translating the result into decimal.

A great game for entry into the Mathematical TRANS. Even if you are not a programmer (and maybe — especially if you’re not a programmer), you will be easily on their own experience to understand what is the binary system.

The difficulty increases gradually 4-bit mode to 32-bit. For each level there are detailed guide. The gambling can get to top of online ranking of players.

Game in the Google Play and App Store.

Time Turner — a puzzle game with time travel

Here it is necessary to think about the future, because your past actions can help to pass the puzzle in the present. The words are all messed up — as always when talking about time travel. In fact, your character needs to pass the obstacle in the “cubic” world to save his beloved. And no computing — only logic and ingenuity.

The game is only available for Android.

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