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In continuation of our series of selections of various applications and games for studying school subjects today we will tell you that it is possible to offer very young children to explore technology and scientific picture of the world (STEM).

When it comes to technical disciplines, the majority is a complex thing: scientific experiments with various substances, coding robots, composing complex formulas. However, this does not mean to learn programming and science is the prerogative of only adults. Not so long ago we wrote about the concept of STEM education and its importance for the world in which technologies are beginning to play an increasingly important role. And the sooner we start the acquaintance with the technical disciplines and science, the better will be the result. Today there are many interesting applications, adapted for the study of complex and precise science concepts young children. We present to your attention eight entertaining children’s games and apps (two apps for learning every aspect of STEM: science technology engineering art mathematics) the study of programming and technology, you can start almost from the cradle.

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Bobo Explores Light. It’s colorful and fun educational app introduces the smallest light and its features. In Bobo Explores Light has a lot of photos, videos, and interactive tools with which the child can easily grasp the basics of optics and to begin to understand this subject better than an adult. The price of apps in the App Store for $ 3.99.

The Magic School Bus Oceans. Great app for learning children 5-8 years of ocean sphere our planet. Adventure story (children sit in a school bus, which falls into the ocean and doing a long educational journey) attracts the child’s attention to the screen, and cheerful sea characters help to learn a lot about the ocean’s flora and fauna. The app can be downloaded on iTunes for $7.99


Kodable. Another game for learning the basics of programming. Little furry aliens got on an unknown planet and begin to explore it. The player needs to learn how to manage and start to pass the different levels. Their way here 45. In addition, there is a special teacher accounts that allow you to use the game in class. App Store the app can be downloaded for free.

Scratch Maze. This app is the mobile version of the service Scratch, which we recently wrote. Now to design learning games, create animations, entertaining videos and work on other interesting projects not only from a home computer. Students, who have long coveted Scratch, will definitely appreciate his little brother – because the application remains all the functions and traditionally simple and intuitive interface. Scratch Maze can be purchased in the App Store and Play Market for only $0.99.


Go Car Go. This is a wonderful app invites children to approach the study of physics practical: build your own car and start to test it in various conditions. In these tests children are introduced to a variety of physical concepts and find out what factors affect the speed and features of the vehicle. On iTunes you can download this simple but very addictive and informative game for $0.99.

Blocks. Once Lego was played by children of all the Earth. At the time this designer was not only good entertainment but also a good: these games teach independence, develop logic, imagination, etc. But today, when small children more interested in gadgets parents can’t always hold their attention on the colorful blocks. Blocks! the app, which can be described as a good alternative to good old cubes: a player has the same Lego blocks, only virtual. You can move them in space, to connect, to build them large objects to view from any perspectives, etc. of Course, fine motor skills, this game is unlikely to help develop, but the basic engineering skills children acquire almost from the cradle. The app is available on iTunes for $0.99.

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Numbers League. This is a game in which players need to apply basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to gather together all the superheroes and villains to capture. Fun, easy to use game in which you can participate at the same time 4 players. A competitive element is always only encouraged the participants to new achievements. So with Numbers League math ceases to be a subject and becomes a field of intellectual battle of little accountants. You can download the app from the App Store for $3.99.

Math Blaster Hyper Blast. This is an educational math game made in arcade style. The gameplay is a little different from other arcade games: you’re the player travels through the virtual space, dodging dangers and collecting bonuses. But at the end of each level of the virtual traveler is waiting for an alien with a few math problems relating to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Deciding them correctly, the child will be able to move on. That’s a gentle, gradual learning of mathematics and the consolidation of new skills. All ingenious is simple. The app is on iTunes and in the Play Market, its price is $1.99.

Of course, this list of games and applications that can be useful for the children to explore the basics of technical subjects and programming, not limited. We chose only some of the most vivid and entertaining. If you want to learn more about beneficial educational and developmental apps, can explore the website Teachers with Apps, which we mentioned, and look for interesting programs and games for children.

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