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Game and training applications that allow you to look at the structure of molecules, to build a volcano and go on a 3D tour of the human body — in our collection.

Maybe someone is able to study chemistry on your toes, but certainly not the majority. Therefore, the development of digital technology and the abundance of educational apps on scientific subjects — a holiday for those who want to understand how the material side of this world. It’s not just about the pupils, although, of course, our selection is focused on them. If you want to grasp the subject, which was held in the school pass you by — there is always the opportunity to catch up.

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“Earth: a textbook for beginners”

This interactive book for the iPad will allow you to understand on their own experience, what geologic processes lead to eruption of volcanoes and the formation of the continents. Application is made in the form of a textbook that successfully combines text and interactive material. The user has at hand the tools to manage geological processes and looks at how they affect each other those or other actions.


Online platform BioDigital offers you to take a 3D journey through the human body and make a tour of all systems of the body. The user can, on trips to obtain information in the course of the movement, and he can try to “make a man” of a certain dataset to understand how it all works together. In March 2015 mobile app BioDigital available for both iOS and Android.

The Elements

Fans of chemistry especially lucky: the feeling that the developers are particularly interested in this science. In the collection “13 games and applications to the study of chemistry” are all worthy of attention. Here you can learn 3D-models of different substances to conduct experiments, and test their knowledge with tests and quizzes. Especially the “star” app for iPad The Elements: a detailed description of all elements of the periodic table with illustrations of all kinds of properties. The app is based on the book by the author of Gray Matter column in Popular Science magazine. Actor Stephen fry said once that at least for The Elements is to buy an iPad. By the way, the app is not cheap, but it is translated into many languages.

The channel “Simple science”

The following resource goes beyond the games and apps, but, nevertheless, it is available on any device connected to the network. This channel “Simple science” on Youtube. Beautiful high quality videos, which show chemical and physical experiments, can easily compensate for the lack of visual material in the school. However, the feeling of personally conducted experiments is not to transmit any video. But here it is — one can act in explanation of what he saw. Just keep in mind that this channel is for adults. Adult children.

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