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Service BioDigital created in order to help us to understand your body and show it to aesthetics at all levels.

BioDigital is a platform that offers its users to plunge into a 3D journey through the human body: to consider the musculoskeletal system, to meet the nervous or circulatory system, structure, etc. Bright detailed visualization will allow you to look at any area and anxious to explore it.

Moreover, BioDigital allows the user to independently practice in the modeling of the human body. As tools here are the bodies and vessels that can be placed in the body, run them and explore the processes that occur in our body with these elements.

This feature should appeal especially to teachers of biology and medicine, which can now be any topic of the section of anatomy to make exciting and unforgettable. Everyone who embarks on a created platform BioDigital 3D tours, starting to feel a little physician or student of medical College. Agree, this is much more entertaining and informative than the study of anatomy on the example of posters and plastic models.

Largely BioDigital task was to create a platform that would help anyone understand how our body works and what it depends on his health. That is why the creators of the personal tour, I suggest not only to read about parts of the human body, to look at them or try to the skeleton, but also to perform a virtual intervention, reminiscent of the real deal.

According to the authors of the project, it will help to understand more deeply the system of all organs. However, what is there to say – much more interesting to watch the video, which colorfully presents all the capabilities of the service.

Exciting, isn’t it? The authors have already developed an app for iOS that you can download for free. Owners of devices on Android will have to wait a while, and those whose equipment does not support 3D.

Anyway, the project BioDigital not going to stop there and will continue to improve its service. It would seem that, where else? But apparently, the possibility of BioDigital is as limitless as the possibilities of the human body.

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