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Recommend quality mobile apps that will assist in the study of chemistry or diversify your leisure. In the modern world spends more and more time over a smartphone or tablet. However, this does not mean that the use of gadgets harms the level of today’s education and interferes with the passion of kids science. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the ten most interesting and practical applications that will help you to love chemistry, will facilitate the training process, and some even useful for professionals.

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Tool kit (Android)

Very convenient tutorial service for students. Includes a periodic table in which displayed the complete information about physical and electronic properties of the selected item. The free version open the table of solubility, physical constants, information about the wavelengths in NMR, which is particularly useful for students of specialized universities. In addition, in the Toolbox, and you can see the different characteristics of the solvents such as viscosity, refractive indices of light, etc. Of the shortcomings — the free version of the app does not write reaction equations and do not perform calculations, but the data range was already very high.

Chemistry for kids (Android)

A decent application that allows you to diversify the family entertainment and to get children excited about science. Focused on children of 8-10 years. Has a colorful three-dimensional graphics, which simply cannot fail to interest the child. Consists of approximately 25-30 chemical experiments, the setting for which you can quickly and easily assemble with the help of prompts. Also it is possible to view the basic properties of chemicals and processes such as burning of a flame and its color, Flammability, beautiful explosions, etc. A description of the reactions but gives no explanation as to why they occur exactly what is the significant disadvantage of this application.

Chemistry Allie (Android, iOS)

Chemical English language quiz with colorful graphics. Fans of chemistry will be able to hone your knowledge in a variety of areas: determining atomic numbers, element names, formulas of the basic classes of compounds, finding the equation coefficient, etc. response Time by ten seconds. There are 5 answers after the fifth error, the app crashes. Questions on organics and divided into 9 levels with increasing complexity. Good knowledge of the language is not required, although Chemistry is Allie in English. The application is very worthy and all concerned is recommended.

Chemistry calculations (Android)

American educational app aimed at students of chemical universities. To use a fairly basic level of proficiency. However, the Chemistry calculations has a huge range of applications that are essential to the average student. The use of this application gives a great opportunity quickly and correctly to calculate pH, molecular weight, to calculate any parameters by equation of ideal gas to make calculations on the Nernst equation, etc. Contains Converter, periodic table, table of physical constants. Great app that is recommended for download to all interested students.

Chemistry Lab (iOS)

Based on observations, we can say that this app is surely among the three most useful and fascinating online games. It will appeal to all without exception, and will really help to fall in love with chemistry as a science. Chemistry Lab is an online lab with very realistic graphics in the style of an American school. You can choose to your taste flask or beaker, burner is present. And, what is most amazing app contains ALL the actual inorganic salts, hydroxides, acids, simple substances and oxides. On the screen reagents are transparent tubes, and the color and state of aggregation the particles themselves correspond to the actual. All reactions also occur very colorful, with their accompanying processes reflect the real picture (for example, explosion, precipitation, etc.). Upon completion of the reaction the equation is displayed showing what happened. The app really teaches you chemistry, some of the better schools. The only significant minus — you can download it only the owners of Apple gadgets.

Chemistry Quiz (Android)

I must say that the language in it is quite simple and understandable for students grade 7-8, because at this age begins the study of chemistry in non-core schools. The quiz questions are conveniently divided into topics mainly from the course of General and inorganic chemistry. Chemistry Quiz will be interesting for both children and adults: a diverse and non-trivial questions, forced to think and to remember some of the details of school and University course and also allow you to learn a lot of new information.

FlashCards (Android)

Very beautifully designed flashcards to memorize the names, symbols, group or picture associated with the item. First propose a question that you can think of an unlimited amount of time and tapping the screen to see the answer. Remember, where there is a particular element, whether due to long-period table. The application is English, but it does not destroy it, because the language use did not have. A significant drawback is that the pictures on the memory element are not always straightforward, and even the student profile of the University will be difficult to guess what kind of item it is. But even so, Flashcards — very good app with high quality HD graphics.

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Learning Science (iOS)

An incredibly beautiful app with cartoon quality graphics for children 3-6 years old. Tailored specifically for younger children the task is very simple and effective. Example: to assemble a galvanic cell, dragging items across the screen, and then you see the light. Such “scientific” experiments designed to study chemistry, physics and biology, just about 20 for each subject. Beautiful and tasteful, a pleasant entertainment for the whole family.

MEL Chemistry (iOS, Android)

One of the best available application for the visualization of molecules that are available to users of both Android and iOS. Favorably with their counterparts in the diversity of molecules that can be viewed on the screen or through virtual reality glasses. Molecules are represented in different forms: as they are drawn in textbooks, and in the form of a scale model. Also, users have the ability to rotate the molecule in different directions, which is really very clear and comfortable.

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