Admissions Guidelines: MBA Essay Structure

Before accomplishing MBA application essays, one can say that it is quite important to note the context within the frames of which they can be read. The admissions committee will likely be reading a great amount of papers in a short span of time. In this way, they cannot possess as much time as they want to think over your content and find all things in common. Instead of that, they will try to accept a subjective decision in order to provide recommendations whether to offer applicants admissions or further interviews, which is an easy call, or whether to reject, which is a more complicate call.

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Considering that fact, there exist ten standard rules that have to be followed by you (the order does not matter) to make sure that you demonstrate the best candidature, to try to receive an invitation for interview, or the positive final decision regarding your Rotman MBA essays.

  1. Answer all questions set. The majority of schools apply very similar questions that have only the slightest differences. Usually, schools possess some reasons for such differences; therefore, assure yourself that you familiarize with each question thoroughly and try to answer all questions in full.
  2. Be ready with your themes before trying to answer all essay questions of this or that school. After you have answered all questions in full, do not forget to back the themes up and mention those stories that emphasize your candidature in the best way.
  3. When being engaged in answering questions, try to be sincere. Do not attempt to guess in advance what admissions committees are attempting to get from all questions one by one; they really want to find out more about your personality.
  4. Demonstrate, but do not tell directly. Show all your traits and characteristic features by means of illustrating the papers with several examples and stories. Do not inform readers that you are a successful leader in almost all hard situations; instead of that you can depict one of such situations and your direct involvement. When you do not have any idea how to it correctly, you may look for some MBA essays sample from previous years on the Internet.
  5. Depict examples with specific results. Do not be unclear regarding the influence in your functions; if an impact has been made by you, inform readers how significant that effect has been.
  6. The first paragraph is the most important one in all of your essays. These paragraphs are able to move readers forward and set the context for the rest of the paper or not. It is very necessary to be sure that you receive all attention of your readers at the beginning of the paper, so as all of them progress through the paper they may possess a good comprehension of hoe everything works.
  7. Remember that short sentences are considered better than long ones. With this in mind, strong writing is a very significant part, so when you can apply longer sentences in order to voice your thoughts better that is okay. Shorter paragraphs are a lot better than lengthy ones. Keeping a paragraph to a certain theme will be always helpful for good MBA essays.
  8. These papers are not a chance to show your strong vocabulary; assure yourself that the whole content can be easily understood by those people whose vocabulary is not as strong as yours.
  9. Mind that your readers may have no ideas regarding your industries. For this reason, get rid of all industry jargon so that the papers can remain clear enough.
  10. Receive some testimonials. The writing procedure is not a piece of cake, all great writers require good editors. Try to ask your friends, peers, somebody who already possesses an MBA, but get some comments regarding your MBA essay goals.

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