A survey in 30 seconds Part 2

A queue is a sequence of questions you want to ask from the specified class at the next lesson. After the question is asked, it disappears from the queue. Of course, the next lesson, you can add it again to the queue, if necessary. This concept will become more clear below.

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Overall, what we have at the moment:

  • We created folders and questions in them.
  • We have created classes that we want to ask questions.
  • We have added questions in the queue corresponding classes.

It is preparatory steps. They will take the first time for a while, but in the future you will only need to update the database of questions and make a turn. With experience it will take max a few minutes before the lesson.

Now go directly to the interviewing process.

The interview process

For the survey it is very desirable to have the projector connected with the computer. On the computer open the Plickers website, login there and click on the link above “Live view”. This is a special mode of display questions, which can be controlled from your mobile phone. In fact, now we’ll need a mobile phone.

In the mobile phone open the Plickers app. On the start screen you will be prompted to choose a class:

Mobile iOS app Plickers: the choice of class

After selecting the class you will be shown a queue of questions that we asked earlier. Note: questions can be created directly from the app by tapping on this screen the Create button. Also, if you suddenly forgot to add a question to the queue of application a library is available containing all of the questions.

Click on the first question. Here occurs for the first time “magic”: once you have selected the question on your mobile phone, it is automatically displayed on the projector using the Live view. You don’t need to be at the computer and switch anything, all the control is done from the phone.

Children read the question and raise you with a card with response options. The teacher presses the Scan button at the bottom of the screen and enters the scan mode of the responses.

Plickers in reality

In this mode, you simply put the phone on the students — the app automatically recognizes the QR codes of all students. It is possible not to be afraid to “count” single code multiple times — Plickers will consider only one, the last answer. Therefore, by the way, the student could easily change their minds “on the move” — all this is taken into account by the developers of the program. The application immediately shows the basic statistics of the distribution of responses. Right at the bottom there is a button to clear the statistics. The check button at the bottom center completes the question and returns the teacher to the queue of questions. Next — repeat the operation for the remaining ones.

This, in fact, basic instruction and ends. Briefly summarize the sequence of actions:

  • Create the questions.
  • Create classes.
  • Add questions in the queue classes.
  • Open the computer the Plickers website on the Live View tab.
  • Displaying through the projector.
  • Give the children cards.
  • Open the Plickers mobile app.
  • Choosing a class.
  • Choose a question.
  • Scan the answers.
  • Repeat PP. 9-10 with other questions from the queue of this class.
  • Analyzed statistical results.

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How to use Plickers?

  1. Front-loading survey at the end of the lesson.

The goal is to understand what children have learned in the lesson and what is not.

  1. Front-loading survey at the beginning of class on the previous lesson and/or lessons.

The goal is to understand what is learned and what must be repeated.

  1. A/b testing of the material.

The goal is to figure out how best to tell the children the material. Take two classes (or two groups). Tell them one and the same material, but in different ways. At the end of the lesson conduct a front-end survey and compare results.

  1. Tests / test works.

With the right preparation, the verification work can be carried out in the format of plickers. The results will be available immediately, without having to check and/or the availability of smartphones / computers in children.

  1. Analysis of a teacher’s work in dynamics.

The results can and need to show authority, which can control the process of assimilation of knowledge by students. Plickers allows to realize constant monitoring of the children’s knowledge that takes not more than a few minutes of the lesson.

The most important part is to start. The use of Plickers in the classroom allows the teacher to simplify your life and improve feedback between themselves and the class. For children this app is kind of fun, allowing a little escape from the routine of lessons and to answer questions. Most importantly, what Plickers is a very simple technology that requires almost anything, and which any teacher can start applying tomorrow. So let’s start!

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