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Not long ago we wrote about the games. But summer is the time to play. The more that this game can continue in school.

The regulars of resources such was able to pay attention to the multiplayer browser game CodeCombat. Its developers propose to learn the programming, capturing land, and defeating enemies in the best traditions of RPG.

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Playing will start from scratch, having about programming, you have no idea. In the team code act as spells and actions budding magician or a warrior, which the user will have to “pump”. Gradually, moving in a virtual (quite good natured, by the way, for this genre) world, the user explores all the concepts listed in this table:

The user can choose the programming language you want to learn: Python, JavaScript, and experimental versions of JavaScript. But, according to developers, the main thing — not a specific language, and an understanding of the principles. The game levels are built like a good course of programming with increasing difficulty.

CodeCombat is remarkable for the fact that, in addition to individual passes, offers a variety of options for team play. Here is an example of such group work.

The game can be easily integrated in the learning process. The teacher who decided to Supplement the curriculum in computer science such a casual learning tool, can create clans, in which students join by invitation. Teacher will get statistics for each player in the clan. Just imagine what a virtual battle is able to turn the computer class!

An ordinary user can use the 80 free levels of the game, which should be enough to master all the concepts. With regard to the policy of cooperation with the teachers, it is quite flexible. If you are a teacher and wrote about it to the developers, you more levels, video tutorials, email support and additional “carrots” in the game. If you want your pupils each month receive a fresh batch of missions, you can get a group month subscription, the cost of which depends on the number of people.

Always I wonder: where are these altruistic educational services? CodeCombat — the development of young programmers from San Francisco. Is the game open source. Hundreds of players from different countries put your talent to CodeCombat was better. It is through this world of warriors and mages were quickly translated into various languages.

Developers are encouraged to participate in further improvements in the quality of the programmer (or the Archmage, to use the terminology of the fictional world), the Creator and tester of the levels of the translator and the editor. The game has a powerful community that brings together teachers, programmers, students and all who captures the combined effect of “just for fun”.

And in favor of the fact that the game teaches serious, “grown up” programming, according to one of the last competitions of professionals described in the project’s blog.

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