8 mobile apps to study the world history

In the apt words of George Bernard Shaw, the only lesson that can be learned from history is that people do not gain from it any lessons. But we are armed with smartphones and still try.

On the mobile applications market is now a huge number of products that fall into the category of “Education”. If you ever came into this category, you must be familiar with that feeling of a man trapped in a tipped over old toys and crafts closet. But among the dust-covered broken cars and Railways there really is a hidden treasure chest. We carefully picked up a few good mobile applications that will help if you study history, then at least to arouse interest in it and be the first step on the path to reading serious literature.

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Today’s Document for iOS and Android

Cost: free

The official app of the National archives of the United States, daily offers for reading the next document from its huge database of historical evidence — from the Declaration of independence to the little-known letters Eisenhower or drafts of laws written by the hand of John F. Kennedy. All documents scanned at a high resolution that allows you to see all the details; each certificate is accompanied by a detailed historical information. And, of course, any historical rarity can decorate your news feed in a social network.

Historypin for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Cost: free

Generally Historypin — historical large-scale crowdsourcing service from Google. The mobile application was developed by third party Studio We are what We do, which managed to move to mobile site all major functions of the web version. With Historypin, you can wander around the map and see what was here 100 years ago, read stories added by users and experts to look at the whole photo and video galleries dedicated to the significant events and places, and to contribute to the creation of a global historical interactive maps — take a picture of the old photo from your personal archive by downloading it through the app, and marking tags. Pleasant include the ability to shake the device and the virtual to be in a random place at a random time, and then to learn something new about the old. Read the full review of the service Historypin.

Outlook: the Story for iOS

Cost: free

Dynamic cognitive game quiz for those who want to play the story without casualties. The game is based on always working to the principle “from simple to complex” — the first questions will be anyone who has received at least the hallway of the education, but on the next levels will have to reflect and consult additional sources of information. Only in this historical quiz more than 1,000 questions in 60 levels. The creators of the app (which is one of a series of educational quizzes) believe that knowledge of the basic historical facts will not only help to show off your erudition, but differently, more consciously look at what is happening in the modern world now.

History Today for iOS

Cost: free

Aggregator of text, quotes, images, collections relating to the historical events that happened today. Sort of news to the contrary. Here are a couple of taps you can go from the history of Barbie dolls to the Japanese scandal of radioactive waste during the cold war, and then rest a bit, examining the photographs of the cars 20-ies of XX century. Wonderful app for daily entertainment and turning with unsurpassed effect Wikipedia.

World History Atlas for Android

Here you can see the milestones of world history — from the first Eastern civilizations to the present day. All information is presented in two possible formats: a socio-political map of the world, the outlines of which change over time, or in the form of a “timeline” where you can trace the chronology of an era. Read more about each historical phenomenon, event or a personality can be read right inside the app — the data is taken from Wikipedia. When you install the application loads the initial database, so the app can then be used without an Internet connection. The free version contains visualized information on the XVII-XVIII centuries — the great era of scientific discoveries, the enlightenment, revolutions and religious reasons.

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History: Maps of World for iOS

178 interactive historical world maps showing geopolitical changes in different time era. Here history is intricately intertwined with geography, but the unravelling this tangle must have the user reading the text information and getting acquainted with the cartographic evidence from the past. The cards are divided into categories (say, maps Second world maps of the Northern regions) and historical eras. Useful for everyone — teachers and professors, pupils and students, those interested in world history (and those who are not interested, also useful would be interested to see how varied our civilization and what events gave rise to serious shifts in the global historical arena).

Civilization Revolution 2 for iOS and Android

A series of computer strategy “Civilization” Sid Meier is a legend in the world of videogames, which has a history for a couple of decades. Here, the player controls the state, its internal and external politics, economy and military strategy. In addition to the brilliantly implemented game mechanics, the game became famous for his instructional videos, and references to real historical characters and events. Here you can really own experience to examine the key elements of development of human civilization, to try to build their own, destroy someone else and rethink all the cycles of world history. Civilization Revolution 2 was designed specifically for mobile devices, the interface is greatly simplified with the features of touch control, so fans of the game will find all the familiar elements.

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